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An excess of Coffee not good…

Coffee started being used as a fashionable drink, some decades ago and still it is… It was meant for the well-to-do and civilized classes and not for the working class. Although it entered India after several years’ use in western world, now for long it is in much use on the Indian Continent. Those people addicted with the taste of tea seldom liked coffee. Poor class people in India hardly use coffee. Some of them take coffee when they don’t feel well as they believe it to be a tonic.

For a long time coffee was an unknown drink in the Indian villages. Those very few educated people who used coffee took care to bring the powder with them from the town as it was not available in the villages.

Then there were some people who preferred coffee as their breakfast drink instead of tea and eventually coffee became the favourite drink everywhere but not in abundance like tea.

Coffee was used by some as a refreshing tonic. For some it was thought to reduce tension or even headache.  It also served to give heat in cool weather. Some doctor advised patients in low blood pressure to take coffee as it is known to increase blood pressure. Persons with high BP record are advised not to touch it. But still coffee remains to be a fashionable drink.

The character of coffee is quite different from that of tea. Coffee is hotter. People can very well drink tea several times a day with the only side effect being loss of appetite or a rise in B.P.

Taking coffee several times a day is not advisable. At all events it should be restricted.  First of all, a person with high blood pressure should not take coffee as it increases palpitations, heart-beat and of course the B.P Even if a normal person takes coffee several times a day or an excess quantity at a go, there is an increased  risk of high B.P and heart palpitation. He or she may even find difficulty in breathing.

The person with acidity or heart burn should beware of drinking coffee as the character of coffee being hot; it will surely produce heart burn and increasing acidity. If an acidic person keeps on taking coffee for long, there is an increasing risk of an acidic ulcer or the peptic ulcer in the bowel.

Coffee taken in moderation is good for the normal persons. Caffeine is the part of coffee which works to reduce the effects of tiredness and increase alertness. It also reduces tension or anxiety and even headache. It is good for people with gastric problems as it has a good effect on digestion.

Taken during the old age, it keeps the mind sharp and the person active.

But never drink more than a single cup of coffee in a day and that with milk. Black coffee without milk is not always good for health. So it can not be said to be a good habit. It may provoke and excite a person in minor issues. It has a side effect over the bowels .It reduces food intake of a person and in the long run it may bring weakness in the body.




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