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Adultery in Daily Life


Adultery in the common sense is the sexual relationship between a man and a woman who are not engaged or married. It is, in other words, a stolen or illicit sexual affair between a man and a woman.

For years it has been the talk of the masses. Adultery among close relatives has been common, as well as amongst the circle of friends. In religious terms it is a SIN; in social terms it is an evil device and a bad habit.

A sexual relationship between a father-in-law and daughter-in-law was very common in India in the working class and in the communities where husbands left their wives at home in the custody of their parents while they went away from home for long periods to work. Similar cases of the elder brother impregnating the wife of his younger brother have also been common.

A married woman with strong sexual desires who is away from her husband for too long becomes an easy victim of adultery and vice-versa. Generally, a man is seen to be more tempted to go astray as he is less able to control himself sexually than a woman. Usually, it is the man who initiates the affair and the woman is tempted, persuaded, trapped or forced into committing the evil act.

A shrewd man would take care that his adultery would not become common knowledge. Therefore it would be the woman who suffered. She would not be able to hide it for long, as sexual crimes are mostly secretive affairs and in the event of woman not using contraceptives, she would be the victim of an unwanted pregnancy.

The affair would quickly come to light once she was pregnant. Usually an abortion is carried out very discreetly before it is too late, but the secret is always revealed sooner or later, causing a very serious problem for the woman.

Adultery among neighbours, friends, boss and secretary, working colleagues and the unsatisfied husband with the maid in the house are all instances of adulterous affairs. There are several cases of married couples betraying each other for more variety in their sex lives, and for some, it is just a bit of fun.

But any aspect of adultery is wrong and does no good to anyone, regardless of whether he or she is found out. It undermines the dignity of the people concerned and they could hardly lead happy and peaceful lives, as THE GHOST OF THE EVIL ADULTERY would haunt them, disturbing their lives. Forbidden SEX would never allow the participants to have peace of mind.

Apart from the sex involved in adultery, there are several other areas which are regarded as adultery, for example: kissing, embracing or sexual touch between a woman and a man who are not husband and wife and who are not engaged to be married.

To think of a woman or a man other than your wife or husband and to dream of having a sexual affair with her or him is also committing adultery, although it is not legally recognized. To think of a woman or a man with sexual desire and to think of her or his sexual organs is also a part and parcel of adultery.

To talk with an unrelated woman or man in a secluded place and to experience sexual excitement is also considered to be adulterous behaviour.

Talking suggestively about the beauty of a woman or the physical strength of a man, or taking an interest in sexual discussions comes under the heading of mental adultery.

Drawing an erotic picture of a woman or a man exposing their sexual organs and trying to pose alluringly is also classed as mental adultery. Also in the same category is moving around in a crowd and intentionally trying to touch the sexual organs of a man or woman whilst concentrating the mind on sex.

Masturbation by a woman or a man is self-gratification, but it is still an act of adultery, even though no other person is involved. Reaching the final stage of orgasm and ejaculating whilst dreaming is actually the shadow of committing adultery. It is nothing but the result of corrupted sexual thoughts formed in the mind during waking hours.

Watching erotic dancers and strip tease acts, viewing pornographic material or reading sex magazines containing naked men and women in suggestive poses whilst ejaculating are certainly adulterous acts. Enjoying the sights of naked women bathing in the lake or river from a hiding place is adultery by stealth.

Adultery in any one of these senses is evil and pollutes the mind, leading to several other vices. Adultery in the religious sector is a heinous sin and if not repented or reformed, could drag the soul to the threshold of Hell.

Although adultery is very common in the modern free-minded society; it is also not unheard of in orthodox society, where it is very strictly believed to be a great religious sin. However, although religious leaders talk of ADULTERY in very evil terms, the religious kingdom is by no means free from it.

There are several cases of shameful adultery among religious leaders in all the faiths of the world. Even the saints who are considered to be very divine and pure-minded are not exempt; we hear of their scandals now and then and the media people go to the extremes to show their sexual scandals on T.V.

Hindu Religious Scriptures tell us of the very great ADEPTS of PARASHAR MUNI, VISHWAMITRA and others – who had been meditating for several years alone in the forest without ever seeing the shadow of a woman – becoming the victims of adultery upon their first contact with a female.

Even Lord Brahma, one of the Godheads in creating the world, was not excluded from the sexual sin as He was once tempted to have sex with His own daughter.

Kuntidevi, the respectable mother of five mighty Pandavs of Mahabharat, even gave birth to her first son, Karna, when she was unmarried. She was said to have an affair with Deva Sun.

The present day sexual scandals of eminent world leaders are nothing but the acts of ADULTERY. In whatever circumstances it is committed, ADULTERY is BAD and there can never be anything good about it. There is not a single plus point for adultery; it is totally polluted and evil. It is an offense in the social terms. It is like driving a vehicle on the main road without license.

Raping a woman against her wish is nothing but the forced adultery. The persons always looking after outside sex commit adultery to the extent of raping an innocent woman- sometimes killing her to hide the crime.          —————————-


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