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Acidic Womb

Prema was married with Kumar at the age of 22. They were happily married and stayed peacefully till three years when the question of her not being pregnant arised. Three years without having a child would be the talk among the family members and the relatives.

Prema and Kumar were advised to consult the doctor if there was any deficit with any one of them. They both went for check up with the specialist who arranged for all sort of relevant reports.

All the reports of the laboratory were normal for both. Prema had no problems with her menses which were regular and normal. The doctor advised them to wait for few more months as sometimes it is natural that some women become pregnant after three or four years of marriage or  even later.

Another year and a half passed without any positive result and the parents advised Shyam to consult some other specialist and have his second opinion. No default was found in any one of them as all the reports taken were found normal.

The mother of Shyam consulted the Astrologer who revealed positive chances of a child at the later stage, after some five years. Although a firm believer of astrology, she was not satisfied by the comment of the astrologer and looked for some other means. She consulted the herbal and even witch doctors. A substantial amount was spent in donations in few temples. Some particular beliefs were maintained and even pledged for the sake of a child but nothing materialized.

One of the relatives advised the couple to seek the treatment of the Ayurved Doctor and the couple contacted my clinic for the purpose.

I went over the reports taken by the doctors. I had a long discussion about their sexual life. I also talked with Prema about the bi-product of their sexual intercourse and she very frankly confessed that her womb threw out the sperms of Kumar few minutes after sex- every time after the intercourse.

When asked, it was found that Prema had an acidity problem and her uterus being acidic, vomited out the sperms mostly at all events.

The case was now very clear with me although it had not responded positively with the allophatic treatment… Once the womb was acidic, it would obviously throw out the sperms and if the sperms were thrown out after each intercourse, there were no chances of Prema being pregnant.

I treated Prema for acidity, calculated her fertile days and advised accordingly. And by the end of fourth month Prema missed her menses and the pregnancy report was found to be positive.

Prema was advised to control food to avoid acidity till the last date as there were all chances of miscarriage with the acidic womb.

And the healthy child was born on time making everybody in the house happy.




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