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A Flirting Girl

Nafisa was a very charming, good looking girl with a pale complexion. She was studying in Sharda High School of Nairobi in the same class of mine. The particular school was co-educational and also accommodated over-aged students. The majority of the girls at Sharda High School were good looking, cute and very shrewd, but not so good academically. Some of the rich girls turned up wearing alluring dresses and applied make ups, although it was against the school rules.

Nafisa, an Ismailian girl, was one of those. Her parents were the local tycoons who owned a big hotel. Nafisa was one of those spoilt girls who just attended the school because her parents wanted her to do so. She had no interest in her studies and most of the time was found reading film magazines or comics in the classroom. She used to chew gum in the class until her teacher gave her a severe warning, but not all the teachers were as strict. The class teacher in particular did not dare to advise her or to warn her at such events. After all Nafisa was a daughter of a famous business tycoon. She found it not good to advise her.

However, she took no notice of the teachers who reprimanded her. She simply left the classroom and lounged about in the grounds, listening to pop music on her pocket radio. She used to spend a lot of time and money in the canteen, eating snacks and drinking her favourite Vimto. She always had plenty of pocket money and sometimes took her friends to the canteen and treated them.

Most of Nafisa’s friends were boys, as she loved flirting with them. She used to go to films and restaurants with those boyfriends, which was against the wish of her parents. At weekends she was seen driving a well maintained little car. She had no driving licence but she was very competent on the roads and had no fear of traffic. The police couldn’t stop her. Each time she was stopped for an offence, she would simply flash her money at them and get away with it.

Noor Ali, a young Ismailian man, was very fond of flirting with Nafisa and they were often seen together in public. But Nafisa never stuck to one person. She had several friends like Noor Ali, mostly Hindus, but Noor Ali was probably closer to her because they belonged to the same community. She was very much sure that she would never be allowed to get married with any Hindu boy unless she ran away with him. She would never do it and so she took all chances to flirt with Hindu boys before she was committed. No doubt she loved Hindu boys and she preferred to move around them at most of the times.

Out of school, Nafisa went around wearing short, tight dresses. She loved to flaunt her very alluring breasts and even exposed her thighs to attract or flirt with a boy. Her sparkly eyes, glossed lips, filmy hair style, alluring bust line and cute little nose were more than enough to seduce any sex-hungry and virile young man. She used the high quality of important perfume which impregnated the large area around.

She was seen kissing her boyfriend in a corner of the grounds and she was even seen coming out of the bathroom with a boy, removing the lip-stick blot from the boy’s face.

Nobody ever complained about her behaviour to the headmaster, although he was already fully aware of her naughty activities. Actually no one wanted to be an enemy of the daughter of the local tycoon! Once in bad terms, Nafisha had her own ways to harass the particular person.

Quite suddenly, Nafisa became a quiet and well behaved girl, much to the surprise of those who knew her as a wayward, naughty, flirtatious girl. She also behaved properly in the classroom and treated her teachers with respect and came to school properly dressed with no fancy make ups and no chewing gum! She was never seen with a Hindu boy friend.

This change in her was a huge surprise in the school atmosphere. Teachers found themselves relieved when they found the totally changed behaviour of Nafisa.  She also stopped going out alone with different boys but now, when she was seen around with a boy, he was always Noor Ali.

It was not too long before the engagement was announced between Nafisa and Noor Ali and all the credit for Nafisa’s good conduct went to Noor Ali. He was the main source of her changed behaviour.

Noor Ali loved Nafisa but he never liked her unacceptable, flirtatious behaviour. So he put in a great deal of effort to stir Nafisa’s passion and make her mad for him, and then agreed to marry her only if she was willing to totally change her ways. Nafisa had no objection at all as she loved Noor Ali with all her heart now.

Nafisa realised that she wanted to be with Noor Ali and she turned out to be a well behaved and sensible girl. No more flirting…No more mischief and no more nuisances.

Noor Ali became the unrivalled hero of the school with the total grip over Nafisa who was once the disturbing character of the school.




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