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Although miscarriage is not a total infertility, it can be turned as part and parcel of sterility. If the treatment is not done due to certain reasons miscarriage does not allow total pregnancy. It does not allow a woman to be a mother. A woman with a number of miscarriages remains childless and is no better than a sterile or an infertile woman. A number of miscarriages can make a woman totally sterile. So miscarriage is never good. A first miscarriage should be avoided by all means. Otherwise, a second miscarriage should be avoided through all possible efforts.

The main cause of the miscarriage is to be found and treatment to be taken accordingly.

Reema was married at the age of 22 to a person of 24. Earlier she had some problems with her M.C. which was not proper and never on time. Even during M.C. she found severe pain in the womb and back, and she suffered headaches. Sometimes the pain was so severe that it was difficult for her to get up from the bed. So she remained absent from school. Later on her parents took an Ayurvedic course from my clinic and it became normal. That was when she was 19 years of age. Since then she did not complain of any other ailments.

The first year after marriage, Reema adopted birth control devices and tried to avoid becoming mother so soon. Second year also passed like that. But the third year her mother-in-law alerted her and advised her not to use any contraceptives, but instead to prepare for motherhood. It was high time for the aged lady to be grand mother. And Reema obeyed her mother-in–law promptly and she discussed the matter with her husband who had no objection at all in fulfilling his mother’s wish. And so it was now time for them to have a child in their life.

Two more years passed without any signs of pregnancy. This time not me but other doctors were approached, asking for treatment to resolve her inability to fall pregnant.

After the treatment, Reema became pregnant but she miscarried the pregnancy at three months. Again some special treatment was given to her by the specialist, but she miscarried again when five months pregnant..

Even one was concerned and confused; even the Doctors.

Her treatment changed, along with doctor. She observed and took every precaution to maintain her pregnancy. Not every month but every week, Reema visited the doctor. This time six month passed safely and then a sudden breakdown – once more she had miscarried… everyone was in shock and grieved. It was a terrible time. Good doctor, good treatment and continuous check up. But still a failure. A third failure? And at six months of pregnancy? What was wrong with Reema’s womb? What was wrong with the treatment?

The doctor treating her had never failed in such cases. Then what could be wrong? There was a hidden hope yet. Consult an Ayurved doctor. Ayurved is the only answer now. And the choice of an experienced Ayurved doctor was pointed at me.

I was happy to learn that after failing with all the treatments, the family had decided to go for Ayurved leaving the other system of treatment. But it was not going to be easy for me to treat Reema. If recognised treatment, conducted by well-known doctors had failed  twice, Where would I stand ? An ordinary Ayurved doctor?

It was a real challenge for me and my Ayurved knowledge which I was proud of…

I went over all the files and the reports. I took some fresh reports. I saw nothing wrong in any report. The doctors were experts and had given some very powerful treatment.

But an Ayurved doctor has other ways of diagnosis. I went over Reema’s treatment and found everything normal as per the advice from the doctors. But I insisted on searching and asking her some very personal issues… She had to pour out. She was taking everything normal but still her food consisted of tomatoes, lemon, green chilli and oily items. To avoid miscarriage, the first thing a woman should do it to avoid all chilli, sour and oily food. An acidic female patient has an acidic womb.

Thank God. He reminded me of the course. I advised Reema to avoid all of these types of food, which produce acidity. I gave her the list of food to be taken by her. She could take more of Ghee, sweet fruits and milk, no more tea or coffee.

Three miscarriages in line. The womb was to be treated. And Ayurved had the treatment.

She became pregnant again which was good as there is often little chance of pregnancy after three abortions. I watched each and every moment of Reema to the last stage and at last Reema gave birth to a healthy baby to the surprise of many…

It was an Ayurved baby and named as Ayu.

I was happy Ayurved had replied positively. I thanked God for giving me the right cause at the right time.




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