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This was in the year of 1996, when I was new in Anjar and had a case of a man aged thirty-two. He was married at the age of twenty-four to a woman two years his senior. He had only one child, aged five years, and was happy with that. For the last four years, they had adopted natural family planning methods.

However, he found himself to be very weak and unable to enjoy sex with full vigour with his wife. He could hardly satisfy her and worried constantly about the situation, which put him under a strain. Consequently, there were problems with his family life.

He thought it was because of his previous long-term habit of masturbation. He had also had a brief homosexual affair with one of his friends and he wondered if that could have had an effect on his present situation.

He came to me to find out the cause and treat him appropriately as he was unable to satisfy his sex-hungry wife and there was the risk that she would be unfaithful, and then his present family life would be destroyed. There was already a lot of tension in their daily lives because of his poor performance in bed.

This man had no need of any medical treatment but he did require some very frank advice together with psychological treatment.

First of all, I asked him to forget his past. He should not think of his bad habit of masturbation or his homosexual affair any more as it had no relevance to his present situation. It was only fear that was holding him back. He already had one child as per his wish and should feel confident in the knowledge that he had the ability to father a child. This meant that there was nothing fundamentally wrong with him and he should rid himself of all negative thoughts and think positively. His sexual weakness was a result of his negative, self-denigrating mentality, his feelings of worthlessness.

He had nothing wrong with him and was in perfect health. I considered the problem would be sorted out if he could forget about his past for ever and think positively. In the meantime I prescribed two tablets of gold-coated Jawahar Mohra Rasa twice a day with milk for his mental weakness. I also advised him to take lots of milk, fruits and kachumbar (salad) for his sexual vigour and assured him that he should be perfectly alright.

After one month he came to my office with a sweet smile on his face and a very positive report of his present life. He was totally fit for his wife again, who had stopped complaining and had a changed attitude. He thanked me for rescuing his married life and presented me with a packet of Pendas.

I was very happy that my treatment had worked well for him.




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