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A case of Facial Paralysis.

(True Story)

Harishbhai was an old client of mine in Anjar-Kutch. Most of his and his entire family’s sickness problems were sorted out satisfactorily in my Shreeji Clinic within a short time. His family had full confidence in Ayurved and Nature Cure treatments. I had treated a burns case, a serious injury, a long term stomach ulcer, a very long-lasting obstinate cold, and a few cases of skin diseases and such like at very little cost and in a very short time, much to the surprise of his family members.

One morning, very early, Harishbhai came to my clinic with an ugly face. His face was one-sided and twisted; he had a swollen and blocked nose and both eyes were sunken inside his face. His speech was broken and saliva escaped from his half-open mouth. He had been struck by FACIAL PARALYSIS in the early morning while brushing his teeth, and before anything went wrong he had rushed to my clinic for an instant treatment.

His accompanying relatives were more afraid than the patient himself; they were, perhaps, not aware of sudden attacks of facial paralysis as such.

Harishbhai was fine before he went to sleep, quite late the previous night. It had happened suddenly while he was asleep and he became aware of his facial problem when he got up in the morning. He was uneasy and felt as if his mouth was heavily swollen. He was very confused at the sight of his ugly face in the mirror and his relatives immediately brought him to my clinic in the neighbour’s car.

The neighbour was not very happy to see them bringing such a complicated and emergency case to the Ayurved Clinic. He was sure the case could not be treated by the Ayurved Doctor. Either he would send the patient to the nearest Physician, or the relatives would have to take him to another hospital later on.

He tried his best to persuade the relatives to take the patient to some bigger or better hospital but he had nothing more to say when all the relatives decided to bring the patient to my clinic first. They were sure he would be treated properly by me as they were aware of my successful treatment for paralysis.

I took his case as an emergency and arranged for him to drink 50 ml of Mahanarayan Tail massage oil. I engaged my assistant to massage his body with the same oil, especially the whole face. A few drops of the oil were inserted into his nostrils and while he was on the bed, a hot water bag was put on his face.

He was given two tablets of Ekangvir Rasa with two spoonsful of Mahrashnadi Kwath twice in an hour. He was also given four Shankhvati tablets at the half-hour stage.

The positive results of my treatment were seen within one hour and his speech seemed to improve. Another hour, the swelling on his face was also reduced and his eyes showed some improvement. An excess of gas escaped from top and bottom, and he got little relaxed.

I allowed him to go home and arranged for a regular massage and hot water treatment. I also gave him a castor oil enema once a day for four days and advised him to take Ekangvir Rasa three times a day with Mahrashnadi Kwath, and added two tablets of crushed Mahayograj Gugal three times a day. Two spoonsful of Mahanarayan Tail was to be taken twice daily for four days.

He was fed only on Mung Dahl with an excess of ginger and garlic for four days. On the fifth day when he came to my clinic for further advice, most of his ailments had disappeared. He could speak, his mouth was normal, his eyes were bright and normal, and no facial swelling was visible. It was only his speech that was not quite as clear as previously. He was found to be stammering.

I advised him to take both types of tablets twice a day for four more days, and then once a day for another four days. Massage was to be continued twice daily for fifteen more days, but there was no need to take the oil orally. I prescribed him two tablets of Harde every night and advised him not to take cold baths for time being.

I advised him to avoid taking gaseous, fried and very chilly food items as wind was the main cause of his problem. He should also avoid shouting for a month, take care not to get excited for the time being and keep out of long conversations and arguments.

Harishbhai had no further problem of that nature to date. His health is normal but he takes two Harde tablets daily and avoids very gaseous items of food. His neighbour was very much impressed by the Ayurvedic treatment and he came to believe that AYURVED was the right treatment for cases of paralysis, particularly the facial one.

His belief that there is no emergency treatment in Ayurved was wrong. His belief that Ayurved treatment takes long to show the results also was proved wrong.

Surprisingly enough, he came to my clinic now and then, bringing some complicated cases which had not been sorted out by very expensive and ongoing allopathic treatment. And he was happily convinced that most of the cases he brought to me were sorted out quickly and at a very little expense.




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