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A Case of Partial Paralysis

Raman was my childhood school mate. He was quite healthy during that time but soon after leaving college his health began to deteriote.

He found that the limbs on his right side were not working properly. He was admitted to hospital for few days and everything seemed to be alright. But after a few months, the problem started again. This time, he could not raise his right arm and he found it impossible to hold anything in his right hand.

He was again admitted to hospital and this time he stayed for about 21 days. He had full medical insurance so the expense was not a problem, but even after three weeks of treatment, he still couldn’t pick anything up with his right hand. Sometimes eating was a problem, and he couldn’t even write properly. The hospital doctor advised him to visit him once a month and in the meantime prescribed some very powerful and expensive medicine. He was advised to take physiotherapy for about three months.

Six months passed but there was no improvement in Raman’s condition. In fact, he was worse because he now had difficulty in walking and was unable to climb stairs without assistance.

Raman’s parents approached me to see whether I could treat their son. I was perfectly happy to take Raman’s case but I had to warn them that my treatment was not approved by the insurance people. His treatment might require some very expensive medicines. Money was not a problem for them and they agreed. They would spend as much as necessary for the sake of their only son.

Accordingly, I went over the files relating to my childhood friend, Raman, and first of all took some fresh blood, urine and stool samples for testing. There were minor faults with the blood and urine, but the stool report was not up to standard. The hospital doctor had never taken a stool report; in general it was not a routine test for an allopathic doctor. Ayurvedic doctors – myself especially – relied greatly on the stool report.

Raman’s stool report showed a large amount of undigested food particles, plenty of worms and an excess of pus cells. When investigated further, Raman was found to be constipated with gastric and acidic problems as well. He had been treated for that in the hospital, but surprisingly enough he was never advised to avoid the foods that caused the problem. That was perhaps the major set back in his improvement. According to my knowledge and experience, food control was the main source of recovery in paralysis. Even the very heavy and reliable drugs would not work to the effect without the relevant food control.

First of all, he was given a castor oil enema and then I discussed food control, advising him to avoid all gaseous and acidic foods. He should also leave out oily foods and eat more fibrous vegetables and sweet fruit.

He had been eating large amounts of potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage and chillies, all of which were causes of the gas and acidity that contributed greatly to his partial paralysis. He was put on a simple diet comprising mostly of boiled food.

I prescribed him the Ayurvedic course of medicine as follows:

  • Two tablets of Ekangvir Rasa with two tablespoons of Dasmool Kwath, three times a day.
  • One Brahat Vat Chitamani Ras tablet (Gold Coated) three times a day with honey.
  • One Makardhawaj Vati (Gold Coated) with water in the morning and again at night. (This would help to stabilize his blood pressure which was on the lower side.)

He was to have an enema twice a week to start with and there were also some exercises, which he was shown.

There was a significant improvement by the end of the first month as he could raise his arm and also write for a limited period.

By the end of the second month on the same treatment he could walk properly and his speech, which had developed to a stammering stage, was much better. His stools were normal.

I then changed his course of treatment, as follows:

  • One Akangvir tablet with one tablespoon of Dasmool Kwath three times a day.
  • One Brihat Vat Chitamani Ras (Gold Coated) twice a day with honey.
  • One Makardhawaj Vati daily.

No more enemas were required as his stools were normal, and because of his dietary control, he had no more gas or acidity. After four months, all his tests were normal, but I advised him to continue the course once daily for one more month.

After food control and exercise for a full year, everything was alright with Raman and continued to be so thereafter. He was married shortly afterwards and everything was fine




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