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A Case of Adult Bed-wetting


During my recent visit to London, I came in contact with a British author who complained of his son wetting the bed at the age of twelve. He asked me if I could treat him and free him of the habit at this advanced age. My author friend was aware of my drug-free treatments which worked. I prescribed conventional medicine only if the need arose. Otherwise my treatment was entirely based on diet control and some natural remedies.

I gave him details of the treatment which could be carried out, but the patient was not present. In such a case, the boy would be ashamed to face a doctor about his problem. Bed-wetting is a habit of small children and not a young man like him.

I advised the father never to taunt or tease his son for bed-wetting as it was not his fault, but a bad habit due to an excess of gas in the urinary system. Gas in general is cool. So I told him his son should avoid all cold items… strictly nothing from the freezer. While sleeping, the gas within the body reacts, so the boy should have his meal some three to four hours before bedtime. If he felt thirsty he could sip a little water, but nothing else. He should pass urine before going to sleep and if possible, be awoken in the middle of the night to do so again. This should continue for a few nights.

A full body massage with Indian Tal oil every evening would help to control the gas in his body. Also, he should have two tubs – one full of cold water, the other filled with warm. His son would have to sit in the warm water for ten minutes and then in the cold water for five minutes, and repeat three times. This would stabilize the urinary organs and remove any excess gas from there.

I asked him to buy 500 grams of black Tal from the Indian ration shop and get his son to eat a fistful of beans an hour before bedtime. It would satisfy any hunger pangs he may feel. It would also help to stabilize the urinary organs and Tal, being hot tempered, would eliminate extra gas from the body. I suggested that his evening meal should not contain any garlic.

For a person who is not used to such things, all this might sound like donkey work. But the author agreed to do everything to my instructions, and had written it all down in his notebook.

I asked him to carry on with the treatment for about fifteen days and then report back to me. He did so, and was very happy to report that his son had stopped wetting the bed from the sixth day of treatment. The boy was happy, cheerful and active and his behaviour had also improved.

I advised my author friend to restrict gassy foods and ensure that his son continued to have his evening meal earlier, assuring him that all would be well from then on. And after six months he rang me in India, specifically to tell me that everything was fine, and to sincerely thank me for improving his son’s life.




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