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A Case of a Sterile Daughter-in-law



Mrs. Manorama was sick for long. No doctors could sort out her problem as no medicines ever worked on her ailment. Her case was brought to me by my actor friend Chandrasekhar as he was very much aware of my successful treatment over such cases.

Mrs. Manorama was sick of the situation of her son who was childless even after six years of his marriage. The problem of the lady’s constant diahorria was sorted out by me through psychological treatment as no medicines responded to her ailment.

Mrs.Manorama after her successful treatment in my clinic was confident of her son’s solution where the problem was supposed to be at the wife’s side. He had taken the treatment from few of the highly expensive doctors of Bombay but his wife was unable to conceive his child so far.

The next week Manorama was in my clinic, not with Chandrasekhar this time but with her son and the daughter-in-law and a file. She looked normal and this time with a smile on her face with the waves of hope, glittering at me. I glanced at the dull face of her son and the dry appearance of his wife. The son appeared to be very handsome and healthy and the daughter-in law with a pretty face and attractive structure. Poor couple! Childless!

I went over the reports of both and the treatments given by various doctors. The young man had all his reports normal and capable of making woman pregnant. The lady had under gone curating- DNC twice as per required. Her hormone report was normal. She had a problem in her menses in the beginning but after the treatment, it was normal now. Her fertility days were all right and the days given for the intercourse were also all right. She had an acidic womb and the sperms before mating were killed by the heat in the uterus. This was also taken care by one of the doctors and she made it sure that the womb, which was previously very hot, has turned down to a standard one and there were no chances of the sperms to die of extra heat.

I took her temperature and BP and found the later on the lower side. But that could not be the cause of her sterility. Her blood reports were normal and the urine reports were even tolerable for such a case.

Then what could be wrong in the case! There must be some hindrance, which does not allow the lady to be pregnant! I dared to check her breasts, which were properly developed, and the nipples were all right. The nipples and the undeveloped breasts could be the problem. Now the womb… While checking her womb as the last target, I got hold of the problem…

I asked her to stand on weigh scale and there it was…The lady with the height of 5′ 3″ had a weight of 69 kgs, which were nearly 12kgs more than what it should be. She had an extra amount of flesh on the womb and the fleshy uterus would not allow the sperms and the ova to meet and mate. She was overweight and all that extra weight had settled in and around the womb and stomach area, which did not allow pregnancy to come into action.

I had known and treated few cases of the type to a successful end and I was sure of this case to turn out to be positive once the extra flesh was removed. Such a womb widens during the intercourse, due to sleeping flat and the load of a man makes the womb-blocked and there are no chances of ova and sperms to meet at the place of mating.

I advised her to reduce at least 10kgs of weight and especially of the womb and stomach area. I gave her list of special diet, regular walk and type of exercises to reduce the weight. I advised her to do special yoga for the womb area and gave her four months to reduce her weight and then see me for further treatment only after she has reduced the extra weight.

She came to my clinic, at the end of the forth month, this time only with her husband. I could see the change in her face and the body and this time a smile on their faces. She had reduced the required weight and the stomach and womb area was normal now.

I gave both of them tonic for the sexual energy and gave them the calculated days for sexual intercourse and asked them to report to me when the regular menses show a delay of more than ten days. I gave some special medicine to the wife for the stability of atmosphere in uterus.

It was about the lapse of six months and the happy couple came to my clinic as agreed and after the checking I gave them the good news and rang Mrs. Manorama to give her the curing news of her problem.

Perhaps she was one of the happiest women of the world to hear the sweet good news working as the healing ointment of her ailment.




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