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A Case of Sprue

The stomach is the central point of all diseases. Everything in health is perfect if the stomach is alright. The stomach is the key to all intestinal problems. Indigestion is the major stomach problem and the cause of all ailments. Diarrhoea, dysentery and sprue are all by-products of indigestion problems.

These three ailments have one thing in common: frequent visits to the toilet. Diarrhoea is not very difficult to cure, dysentery needs treating carefully, but sprue needs special treatment. No ordinary Tom, Dick or Harry doctor can successfully treat sprue, as it affects the mouth, stomach, indigestion and throat.

Mr. Dalal, the famous business tycoon of Bombay, was suffering from sprue. When he first visited my clinic, he felt tired and worn out and his face looked pale. He had been treated by a number of doctors but his sprue did not respond. Therefore, he was worried that he would have the condition for the rest of his life. His mouth and throat problems were very tedious and painful, and the indigestion created a lot of discomfort, the worst being the sharp abdominal pains and the passing of bloody stools.

After taking any food, he was forced to go to the toilet. Sometimes his stools were loose and at other times hard and painful. His stomach was the main problem and he also lost his sense of taste. Most of the time he suffered from stomatitis (mouth ulcers.)

He tried to eat properly to regain some vigour, but the food he ate hardly strengthened his blood; most of it was thrown out in stools, due to indigestion.

Mr. Dalal appeared to be tired most of the time. Sometimes he felt dizzy. His small intestine was out of order, so proper digestion was not taking place.

Mr. Dalal, being a business man, used to travel a lot and always seemed to be busy. At times, he could not even sleep properly. He used to eat in different hotels, many of which served mostly chilled and oily food, which affected his digestion. After disregarding the situation and carrying on with indigestion for more than a year, he finally came to me for advice. That was when I diagnosed Mr Dalal with sprue – the worst ailment of the digestive system.

By the time I made the diagnosis, he had almost left it too late. I discussed it with him, having to bluntly point out that if he did not take treatment of the disease seriously, there was every chance it would be incurable. I would do my best for him. His radical treatment went as follows:

  1. Two Sanjivani Vati tablets with lassi three times a day after food.
  2. Jatifalyadi Churna mixed with an equal ratio of Panchamrit Parpati and one gram of Loknath Rasa with butter milk twice a day.
  3. He should take more chhas with three parts of water three times a day with powder of Ginger, Jira and Sindhav.
  4. He was advised to avoid biscuits, cold drinks, ice-cream, sweets and all high calorie foods. He should also stay away from chillies and oily food. He should sleep adequately at night and avoid napping during the day.
  5. He should take more of Mung Masoor Dal, Pomegrade, and properly cooked rice.

I advised him to take the medicine for about three months and control his food for about nine months.

After one month, I halved the dose of Sanjivani Vati tablet to one tablet instead of two.

Mr. Dalal was free from sprue by the end of the third month but I advised him to continue with the medicine for one more month.

After all his suffering, Mr. Dalal was totally cured from sprue by the Ayurved treatment combined with strict dietary control.



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