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A Case of a Sexually Dull Woman

Priya is a very pretty, smart woman of 28 years. – married four years ago to a business-man of her age. She has a baby-girl of two years of age. But she seems to be very dull woman who is no longer interested in sex. Immediately after the birth of her baby, her husband went over-seas for a business tour of 18 months. In the absence of her husband, she never longed for sex and no sex impulses ever erupted in her even after viewing the ‘Adults Only’ films.

Before her first delivery, she was very fond of sex and longed for it now and then. She very much felt thirsty for a man when her husband went out of town for a week. She was very crazy about the various types of sex-techniques. She even insisted on sex two to three times in one night. And the good mannered husband co-operated.

After the birth of her first child, she found that this craze for sex which existed before pregnancy no longer existed. Perhaps it might be because of the birth itself or because her child was suckling. Yet, she found deep pleasure whilst her breasts were feeding her child. Not only were the nerves evoked but her vagina vibrated and became juicy during breast-feeding. She felt as if she would allow her child to continue sucking her nipples forever. But she realised that the pleasure she felt during the breast feeding of her child was quite different from her husband kissing her juicy nipples and playing around her breasts. There was totally an absence of sex in the act of mother & child that was her maternal love- her affection towards her child.

As far as the child was suckling her breasts were alright but after breast feeding, her breasts turned out to be very loose and non-active – totally useless for her husband who was very fond of playing with her breasts every time before sexual intercourse.

She felt as if sex had withdrawn all its powers from her as there were no sexual impulses left in her to satisfy her husband. Even her vagina which usually expanded and became wet with liquid was dry whilst the organ of her husband was already inside her looking for pleasure.

She took treatment from her family doctor which did not materialise. She visited the nearby gynaecologist who disclosed the deficiency of hormones. The doctor gave her some special injections and medicine for about three months. She found some little changes in her breasts and even vaginal walls. But that lasted for only a few weeks and then once again she found the same condition of her vagina and her breasts.

She visited other very expensive specialists who gave her a medication course for six months. Her sexual impulse did increase a little but not to the standard needed.

She was still young and with a long future ahead. If she had lost sexual feelings at this earlier age, what would happen in her future with her husband who very badly needed sex now and then? Perhaps she would be responsible if at all her sexually interested husband looked for another woman for sex.

One of her relatives advised her to take my treatment and she came to see me with all her reports and complains. It was surely an unusual case as she had already taken some good treatment from the well-reputed experts who hardly went wrong in their treatments.

Now I took the case of Priya and after the thorough study of her case and checking herself and asking appropriate questions, I came to know that Priya had gone through a Caesarean operation. And while going through the operation and removing the child, her sexual nerves were damaged by the tools and left so without the doctor’s knowledge.

Consequently her vagina did not return to its previous state and it was found to be still extra wide and open.

I gave her the required medication course for her ailments with the proper diet-control. Her taste for salty, sour, chilly and oily foods was the recent main cause of not allowing all these organs to return to normal and settle.

As Priya agreed to comply with the food-restricted course, I assured her of not only recovery but total recovery of her ailment.

Priya was as before within six months. She felt sexual impulses. Her vagina stabilised and became wet during the sexual game with her husband who was happy to see his wife’s sexual output coming back. She longed for sex. She enjoyed sex and was able to satisfy her husband to his need without any set-backs.




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