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A case of a Severe Pain in Penis

An aged person of 45 years of age enters my clinic with a gloomy face but with the hopeful look.

For the last one year he feels severe pain in the face of his sexual organ especially after sexual intercourse pour out.

“Perhaps this could be due to the swelling in prostate gland, I had presumed… I visited the specialist who took soniography and laboratory report for prostate gland which he found normal. Urine Culture Report also does not show any defects. I also visited the sex specialist if I had any venereal disease or any sort of infection in the penis. The specialist even took soniography of the penis to find out if there was any default or swelling in the urethra or vas deference.

Everything turned out to be normal but there was a severe pain even a day after the intercourse when the doctor touched my organ to find out any swelling. The sex specialised diagnosed it as a normal sexual disease and prescribed me with few anti-biotic and a cream to recover. The constant pain disappeared but the pain after sexual intercourse persisted. He also gave me some injections and assured it to be alright within few days. The power of injection and some painkillers worked temporarily but the obstinate pain which was severe after the pour out was there. I tried to control myself from having sex but my wife would not do without sex for long. Even myself I would not do without sex although I was a sufferer.

One of my friends advised me to leave aside all allopathic treatments and go for Ayurved treatment and pointed at your clinic and assured me of a sure recovery.”

The patient finished his story and I started thinking.

A little bit complicated case but it was meant for me as I was used taking such challenging cases.

I studied his case, checked upon the reports and the treatments given by the doctors. I also checked his pain on the penis and thought of its source.

He had nothing wrong with his prostate glands. The inner part of his penis had nothing wrong as urethra and vas deference were even all right.

Then what could be wrong in this particular case especially on the top part of penis?

Now I had to find out to what other doctors had not.

And I got the response. The person had sperms stones which were perhaps stored on the top part of the penis and when the sperms poured out the particulars stones tried to come out with the sperms but could not perhaps because of the size and the pain was experienced.

These sperm-stones are quite different from the kidney stones but usually they don’t ask for a heavy treatment. I had treated a couple of the cases of the type and there was no reason why can’t I treat this one? I don’t know in allopathic but in Ayurved there is a very simple but very effective treatment for this painful ailment.

I asked the person to take two table spoons of Rasyana Churna with pure cow-ghee and sugar- churn it properly and take it with milk twice a day for about 10 days. I also advised him to rub Panchguna Tail on the paining part of the penis twice a day.

And it worked. When he tried to have sex with his wife after ten days there was not a slight pain in the penis after the pour out. Pour out seemed to be better than previous one. I advised him to continue with the course for another 10 days but this time with one table spoon of churna only twice a day.

And when the person came to my clinic after a month he had nothing of the sort-no pain at all. He was very happy and thanked me for relieving him in a short period.

The Ayurvedic treatment had really worked. It had happened perhaps because he was trying hard to hold his sperm pour-out to fulfil the sexual desire of his wife. In such cases, holding sperms and make it a habit is perhaps the cause of the so said sperm-crystals.



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