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A Case of a Hearing Problem

Ankita, a thirty year old house wife was my regular patient. She worked as a computer secretary in the welknown Cotton Ginning Factory. She was married and had two children. Her husband was a teacher in the secondary school.

Ankita had some acidic problems even before marriage. From the very year of puberty she found some problem in her ear.

The pus poured out from her ear and she had a severe headache due to ear ache. She had a hearing problem in her right ear for long. During winter due to cold weather she suffered from flue, colds and cough when she found more problems in her ear. She had a sever pain in one of her ears and found pus in the other.

She used to take some medicines from her family doctor but still the problem existed. She went for ENT and found better for some days when she was under treatment. Immediately she stopped taking medicines, the problem started again.

Apart from having pus from the ear, she felt itching pain and also found it difficulty in hearing. The doctor prescribed her with some special type of medicines and ear drops when the pus stopped and even the itching pain. But the hearing problem was still there. She was advised by the ENT specialist to use hearing aid element as there was no other cure for her partial deafness.

She approached me for her hearing problem and I advised her not to go for hearing aid for time being and go for Ayurved treatment for the cause. I assured her total recovery if she did my course very carefully. I was very confident over the Ayurvedic treatment of the ear. I had treated several cases of ear with success.

And I started the course as follows.

First of all I asked Ankita to have restriction over certain types of food. She should avoid all chilled or freeze cold items. She should keep away from cool wind especially for the ear. She should never allow her ear to touch cold water. I asked her to use cotton wool for that.

She should avoid all sour, gastric and oily foods and of course the cold stuff. She needed to avoid freeze and of course the cold drinks.

I advised her to take Sarivadi tablets 1-1-1 three times a day with pure honey.

Trifla Gugal tablets 4-4 twice a day to be chewed with water.

I found Xar Tail to be suitable as ear drops to be inserted six drops three times a day.

She should never shout or talk loudly. She should take more of garlic, ginger, ajwayan and Haldi in her food and she should avoid all outside foods especially the junk food.

She was given the course of four months and the ear showed improvement from the second month. The dose was reduced as and when required and her ailment saw an end by the end of forth month.

I advised her to use ear-oil for further six months with the food control.

And Ankita the computer secretary had no more problems in her ear since then. The Ayurved treatment with the proper diet control had really worked.




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