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A Case of a Harassed Woman

Priti comes from a very rich family. She is even married to the son of a business tycoon of the town. Her marriage took place at her age of 22 in the community-hall and reception was held in a star hotel. Nearly two thousand people attended the colourful function.

First two years of her married life went in happiness. But after having the baby-girl as the first child, lots of changed were seen in her behaviour.

Priti before becoming a mother was very fond of personal care, sexual films, going for outing etc. Her husband was also of the type. He was very much fond of sex and needed it nearly on alternative days. He used to ask for and have sex with her till her seventh month although Priti was reluctant about it.

Now immediately after the delivery hardly a month had passed and the sexually minded husband asked for sex from her. The sexual organs of Priti had hardly settled. There was certain pain in her womb which was being treated. She was unable to meet the demand of her husband who was not happy for that. He did not say anything but turned away his face in negative attitude.

Second month he asked Priti to allow him to suckle her breasts and play around. Priti’s breasts were still itching and under treatment and the child was breast-feeding. She was unable to fulfil the desire of her husband once more. This time, the husband murmured at her and was upset with her.

Surprisingly enough after two weeks the husband goes further and asks Priti to allow him to have the ass-sexual intercourse i.e. to pierce his penis at the back side. Priti tries to explain him that it is the act of the beasts and not of humans. She did not agree to his demand once more and this time not only he groaned at her but very seriously rebuked her for avoiding him. He even threatened Priti that if she denied sex with him, he would look for some another woman for that.

Priti could not delay more. Her husband could not control his sexual desire any more and kept on demanding it. And Priti had no alternative but to submit to her husband without any more excuses.

But she could not enjoy the sex with her husband at all. She tried to recall her sexual relation with him before child birth. She even tried to recall her honeymoon tour and even several sexual nights with him. But even for the second time she failed to regain sexual desire in her and consequently could not respond properly to her husband in bed.

It seemed as if she had lost the sex-urge in her. Neither her husband’s playing around with her breasts nor did his playing around of his stiff penis in the uterus provoked her. Previously by that time she was on the top of the world and kissing or biting her husband at several places. She allowed her husband to have the type of sex. She wanted but could not play the major part she was playing previously or even could not respond to him as needed. She seemed to be helpless although she tried to regain sexual impulse in her. It seems as if she has been a woman with no sexual instincts. Neither does she have any sexual desire in her nor can she entertain her husband in bed.

This has created a gap of misunderstanding between her and the husband. He thinks as if Priti is ignoring him. Priti thinks that her husband does not try to understand her ailments and keeps on demanding sex.

Priti had taken treatment from a couple of doctors. She even went to extremes and contacted a with doctor who took a substantial amount from her to sort out her problem. She even sought evil-charm and fake herbal doctors. But so far no one has been successful in treating her ailment which is still there as usual. Her urge of sex remains dull and she is unable to satisfy her sex loving husband. She is not happy at all.

One of my patients advised her to approach my clinic where according to her such types of problems were sorted out within short time and at little expenses.

And the case was with me. Priti – poor Priti with gloomy face and worn out body and her business-man husband with a shadow of personal ego on his face were in my clinic.

It seemed as if he was not happy at all to accompany Priti to my clinic which he thought to be an ordinary clinic with an Ayurved doctor dealing with all sorts of herbal medicines and domestic treatment. What will an ordinary Ayurved doctor do, where the specialists of high calibre have failed? But Priti had faith in my clinic and me – it seemed from her talk.

I went into the detail of the case. Read all reports, treatments and complains from the husband. I asked few things to Priti. But she was not able to answer me in the presence of her husband. Surely I knew from the reports, treatments and from her behaviour that Priti was not physically seek but she had some personal problem which has made her so. She should pour out her mind and the problem could be sorted out.

I just advised her to come the next day first time in the morning, empty stomach to give me the sample for her urine to be tested along with blood. I asked her very cutely not to come with her husband but to come with somebody else. And she very well understood that I wished to talk with her when she was alone.

And next day glad enough, she came with a young boy, her brother-in-law who waited outside and Priti entered my clinic. I did not require any urine or blood sample but wanted to talk with her in privacy. She was glad to talk with me.

And from her talk where she poured out all his heart, I came to learn that the birth of the baby-girl was not a welcome event in her family. Everybody was expecting a baby-boy from her. Now naturally it was not her fault but her mother-in-law and sister-in-law taunted her several times for giving a birth to a girl. Even during delivery period she was not properly looked after. The baby was hardly taken by any family members except her husband and the brother-in-law. Baby was treated as if she was the unwanted member in the family. This was all done in the absence of her husband who was not aware of the fact.

The behaviour of her in laws towards her had a sudden change due to the girl. They behaved roughly with her and she could not tolerate the situation. Even she could not pour out her suffering to her parents or brother. Now what was her fault if God had given her the girl?

That was her main cause of worry and she could never talk it over with her husband. As she was worried of the family disputes…–And that was it. That was the root cause of all her ailments. The constant thinking of the insults made her so dull that she ignored sex and she  was unable to please her husband in bed.

This problem if not sorted out, Priti could never be alright… The next time, I asked Priti to come with her husband and be brave to face the situation. I assured her that I will tackle her problem properly and everything will be alright.

The husband turned out to be more social and understandable than expected. He was not happy to know the cause of Priti’s ailment. He agreed to co-operate. I assured him to have a baby-boy next time if everything goes well.

He tried to ease the domestic atmosphere peacefully and I tried to treat the mind of Priti with all positive ideas. The personal relation improved. All family members came to behave properly with her.

And Priti felt as if she could now please her husband in bed. I gave her some treatment for energy and sexual vigour. I gave them the possible days of fertility and the special days for a boy child. I gave her treatment accordingly.

And Priti was pregnant and all ready to give birth to a healthy baby-boy. And in the flow of time she gave birth to a boy-child and all her happiness and vigour of life come back.

Perhaps she was the happiest woman of the world now who could please her in-laws by giving them the inheritance in terms of a baby-boy and being capable of satisfying her husband anytime as his choice.



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