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A case of a Peptic Ulcer

A peptic ulcer is part and parcel of hyper acidity. It is not always easy to diagnose as it is a different case from that of Dudenel ulcer which is part of an excessive of gas. There is a severe pain in the stomach with Duodenal ulcers where as there is a severe burning pain in the stomach and the chest in the Peptic ulcer…

I had a case of a young person named Jimmy who came to my clinic with the complaint of stomach pain. He had taken medicines from two doctors but the pain was still there. With the second doctor it was alright as far as the medicines were taken. But after taking the medicines for about three weeks, the pain resumed as before.

The doctor told Jimmy that there was a swelling in his stomach.

I checked his stomach and while pressing, he complained of a pain. If there was pain, perhaps it would be due to gas. I asked him about the type of pain; whether it was itching or burning where the pain was burning. The burning increased if he had an empty stomach. Even after taking any chilies or sour items, the burning increased. He could hardly take red chillies or lemon juice. Even tomatoes bothered him. He definitely had a swelling in his stomach but was it due to Peptic Ulcer? The previous treatment had been given for a Gastric problem. He had had this problem for a long time. His hyper-acidity overlooked turned out to be Peptic Ulcer.

First of all, I asked him to have very simple diet. No Chilies, sour or fried items. He should even avoid salt and use sindhav instead, as salt would not allow his ulcer to heal quickly.

He should take plenty of goat’s milk and sweet fruits only.

I prescribed him with the following medicines;

Kamdhdha Rasa 2-2-2 tablets with milk, to help him cool down his burning issue.

Jethimath powder 2 spoons three times a day with milk, for healing of the said ulcer.

Sankhvati 2-2-2 after food, to help ease digestion and to control gas…

Kumari Asav two table spoons with Sankhvati, to remove pain and help digestion.

The first course was for 15 days where Jimmy reported feeling better. I repeated the course for another 15 days this time Shivaxar Churna to be taken at night for stomach cleaning. I also prescribed Agnitundi Vati- 2 tablets twice a day for pain relief.

And after another 15 days Jimmy felt much better. There was slight burning pain but he was looking fresher and more active day by day. Previously he used to get tired on a little work and while walking even a short distance. Now he could easily walk for a kilometer twice a day and he had the energy to manage his business. But I advised him to take enough rest while he was on medical treatment for a second month, and then I reduced his medication in half.

The third month, I found him in quite good condition. I did not prescribe any medicines but maintained his diet control.

And by the end of third month I allowed him to take his usual food but chillies in limitation, no tomatoes or oil fried vegetables. He should continue taking goat milk to the end of the sixth month. But if he needed to eat some chilli, sour or oily foods at times, he should continue taking cold goat’s milk, as goat’s milk itself is the best cure of Peptic Ulcer.

And when Jimmy came to my clinic for another ailment after a year, he was perfectly alright with acidity. He used to take all sorts of foods with chillies in limit but he insisted on using goat milk.




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