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A Cae of a Celibate Woman

During my practice as an Ayurved, I had taken several cases of male and female celibates in terms of Saints, Nuns, Sadhvis and Brahamcharis. Most of them had similar physical problems as most of them lived a similar life; control over sex and control over food

Male celibates tried their level best to stay away from females – even their nearest relatives. Female celibates endeavoured to stay away from males of all relations. Both of them tried to stay away from sex and sexual propaganda.

They are supposed to keep away from the opposite gender merely to avoid sex. Sex is their enemy and anything which provokes sex is also their enemy. They keep away from films, T.V. and exotic reading

I had a case of a very young celibate woman – a sadhvi by profession but staying with her parents.

Janviben aged nearly 25 years was brought to my clinic with multiple ailments. Celibates do have multiple problems. I say so from my clinical experience.

She suffers from constant severe headaches and all sorts of pain-killers taken by her had not responded positively. She vomited nearly once a day and mostly after taking food. Her menses were very painful and occurred twice a month. This meant that she bled for half a month in one month. Not only that but immediately after the menses stopped, the white discharge started in abundance.

Obviously her body was weakened. Losing blood for 15 days and white discharge for another 15 days can make any strong woman weak.

She lost weight. She got stomach pain. She did not feel like going out. Most of the time she was found to be sleeping or resting. She only undertook private work for herself and never helped either at home or in the temple. She couldn’t even preach to woman folk nor could she do any reading to them. She has vowed to be a Sadhvi just to do preaching to the uneducated temple fellow women of the religion. But she is helpless. She is unable to fulfil her duty as such.

Most of the time, her body seems to be warm with fever. Her eyes are found itching. Her heart beats are increased while doing only a small amount of work. She can’t carry any load as she suffers from a severe back-pain. Her mouth is found mostly sticky and does not feel like taking food. She is forced to take some food by her relatives to maintain her body.

I had some questions to ask to her and she was supposed to answer me properly.

“When did your menses start?”

“At the age of 12”

“When did you start having all these ailments?”

“By the age of 15”

“How is your sleep?”

“No natural or continues sleep. I try to sleep at intervals. ”

“Do you get dreams or nightmares? If so, how often?”

“Yes, very frightening nightmares nearly on alternative days. Some times I even cry loudly in my dreams. ”

“How do you feel during and after menses?”

“I get terrible severe stomach pain and also severe backache and severe headaches.”

“Do you get irritation after M.C.?”

“Yes in plenty. The white discharge produced as such creates itching.”

“How often you go for urination?”

“Several times a day and at every two hours during night time.”

“Do you feel any pain in your breasts during menses?”

“Yes, all the time.”

“Sister, you are not the store of ailments but the godown of sickness. Perhaps that is the reason of you staying away from marriage… is it?”

“Yes… you are very right”

Sadhvi was very brave to confess her celibacy…

She had some problems of constipation, gas and acidity. That’s all… Her causes of ailments were treatable but the main cause of her ailments was her celibacy. Her controlling of her sexual instincts by forced attitudes was her main problem. Her grown up body preserved lot of sex. She was not only a Homo but was carrying out masturbation with damaging items like carrots, brindles, reddish, long and thick chillies.

She confessed it to me when I spoke to her in privacy. I was happy and satisfied by her very frank confession. Not all celibates do so. Most of them try to hide their bad habits. Some of such female celibates even try to avoid visiting doctors. They prefer domestic treatments. In that case Janvi was alright and very frank with me.

I called her parents in my clinic and discussed the matter with them very seriously and advised them to get Janvi married to sort out her multi problems. There was no alternative. I also talked to Janvi and advised her that she should leave all those things and get married at the earliest. Most of her ailments once treated properly with diet control will go. She should forget to stay as Sadhvi-a celibate woman as that was very harmful to her health. There were all ill chances of her staying in bed forever or becoming mentally broken if she did not lead a married life.

And that was it. Her parents agreed to allow her to marry and I agreed to cure all her ailments. Janvi realised the truth that celibacy was not meant at least for her.



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