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  • Bribery, the Headache of Today’s India.


Every bonafide citizen of India speaks evil of bribery. Nobody in India wants it. No one appreciates or likes a person who is involved in bribery. It is criticized, condemned and accused at most events in daily life. But the cruel fact is that it is in full force in India.

Bribery is a bad material. It is evil and nobody wants to be associated with it in public. It is the rejected quality of human nature. It is a demoralizing part of the human character. It is carried out secretly at most events but it stays no secret for long.

But nobody can ever work without it. One person has to offer it for his work to be done and the other has to take it, as he cannot do anything without it. He has to take it to meet the extra expenses of his daily life. He can’t make his two ends meet from his limited income and he goes for some extra income by taking the bribe to do a work that was there in his duty.

It is the working currency of the present India and everybody uses it willingly or unwillingly. It serves as the daily bread in most of the government departments.

Bribery is everywhere in all parts of India and there is not a single state, which can be termed as bribery proof. It starts from the junior policeman to the most senior officer to the rank of the commissioner. It grips the advocate of the court to the judge of High Court. It involves all persons starting from the ordinary messenger to the Minister. It touches the watchman and grips the boss. No saint or a social worker has ever been successful in taming it. No dictator or the most powerful political leader has been able to undermine it.

Each and every government department is very familiar with bribery. No work or any service is rendered without involving bribery. No file is ever opened and moved further without the push from the bribery. No signature is given without tipping the pen. No projects move further in the absence of the said tip. No loans are approved without the remittance of the agreed % of the upper hand.

In the multi-storey structure of the Government departments, each and every person on each and every table in each and every room of each and every floor of each and every building- the ruling atmosphere of bribery persists. With the Government officers the dealing of bribery is very common and it is hardly considered to be an illegal affair. At most events it is done in the open and the public through the media channel knows of many such deals. Media plays a vitol role in exposing the bribery scandals to public and they are successful at some events to work as red light to the bribery.

Still no strict measures are taken against the people involved. The anti-corruption bureau of the government even has a soft corner towards the matter and from the ten cases held; nearly six of them are sorted out under the table. If the chief watchman is the person involved in the theft of the area, then how secured can the place be, is the un-answered question.

Bribery has several different channels. It comes into action as a reward or a gift. It may be in the terms of promises or blessings. It is a type of agreed deal, which is always maintained in good faith. It may be dealt as a token or a special price. It does not end in appreciation or thanks. Thanks without any load of money are not valid and it may not work for the second time. “Thanks or God Bless you” does not carry much weight or impression in today’s India.

Bribery is the gateway to corruption. It is the root cause of dishonesty. It is the devil part of the human nature, which pampers the person and tempts him to take it and then takes him over fully. It forces the person to move to the evil side of life and throws him in the vulgar pond of corruption.

Honesty, purity and the cleanliness of character are far from the person who is involved in bribery and he falls into bad company without true peace. He leads an extra luxurious life beyond his capacity and status and moves around here and there to get peace, which is always far from him.

Luxurious furniture, motor cars and a fat bank balance never gives him the peace he is longing for. His family members go astray by using the illegal money and lose the real charm of life. The children turn out to be wayward persons and not useful to the society. Such money opens the doors of bars, clubs and brothels and the doctors enrich themselves from hazardous diseases, and they get into illegal involvements.

Bribery has enriched many people, government servants and politicians, managers, accountants, personal assistants, storekeepers and the gatekeepers in private factories and industrial sectors are also part and parcel of bribery. Union leaders and the labor chiefs have also scratched their hands with the brushes of bribery.

          Bribery has not left respected doctors and advocates untouched and we have seen doctors issuing bogus certificates for evils on the terms of fat money and the advocates proving the murderer or the rapist not guilty on the receipt of a good amount of bribery as a special fee. The well-known judges and the magistrates who are the chief securities of law and order maintenance along with the police, and whose verdict is respected and obeyed like a judgement from the deity, do not hesitate to give false judgements on the grounds of bribery. Eye witnesses turn their eyes away from the truth once bribed.

Bribery in general has strangled the lives of poor, innocent and honest people who find it very difficult to survive. There are honest people in each department no doubt but the number of corrupt has overtaken them and the department as a whole spoils its reputation because of their malicious activities.

There are several people in the mentioned category and the sector, who are very honest and strict and against the TIPS business but seeing their simple life with a struggling future, the new generation is tempted to go for an easily achieved income on the other side to lead a very comfortable life.

Bribery is an open robbery or theft. It is nobody’s right and it is evil when viewed from all sides. It is the total ugly scenario of the human life. It is the black spot in the bright moon. It is a devil’s act and attracts no sympathy when the involved person is caught and put behind bars. It is an offence and a serious crime to take bribery and even to offer it.

It is a great sin in the kingdom of religion and the person involved will never be happy at a later age and old age will be nothing better than hell. He will suffer tremendously in bed for a long time and all his money saved from corruption will not be able to give him any relief at the last days of his life. His wealth achieved as such would never relieve him from severe suffering. Money, which he thought to be everything, does not come to his rescue in his last moments and he becomes helpless, like a person dying of thirst on the shore of a lake of sweet water.

His children brought up on the money of corruption will never make good citizens. They will never understand the true value of money, as the money they use in extremes does not come through the right channel. The generation brought up with the fund of bribery will never be honest and trustworthy. They would hardly serve their parents when in bed but might hire the servants to serve them.

If bribery and corruption could be removed totally from India by all means possible, perhaps India could be the richest country in the world and would never go for foreign aid. There would be no poor class and every body would be doing well to their capacity. If only the total honesty is injected in the persons involved in bribery, the five-year Plan would be easily achieved without any outside aid. INDIA PERHAPS WOULD BE THE VERY GENEROUS COUNTRY GIVING LOANS AND AID TO SEVERAL NEEDY NATIONS.




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