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Breast- Feeding: Blessing for an Infant and Even a Mother.


In to-days world, to talk about breast feeding and to propagate its survival would be considered as an orthodox custom by the educated and modernized mothers. Most of the western women world is not in favour of breast feeding.

They might have reasons for that but the fore most excuse of them being not in favour of breast feeding is losing the charm and beauty of their breasts which they consider to be the main attraction of their feminine features.

To-day’s woman is in the serious race of equality with man and is in most of the fields neck to neck with male. In general she considers and claims herself to be equal to man in all sectors. Perhaps she might be right. But it is not natural and not workable at all sectors of life.

If only the Nature was under her control, she would very much wish to share the pregnancy or the birth of the child with man. She would plan one child to be bared by her and the other by her partner man….She would even ask him to breastfeed the child and never lecture him on the benefits of suckling.

In the modern race of being equal to man, a woman forgets that she is born as a woman and she should better stay as a woman in all respects. She is destined to be a wife, a daughter and a mother or a sister. She could never be a husband, son, father or brother. It is in her benefits to stay as a total woman in all senses. A woman is destined to be so as the true source of love and affection. Her heart is developed as such which could be very difficult in man. Accordingly her physical features are gifted by Almighty Lord.

Now to be pregnant, to fondle foetus in her womb for nine months and to give birth is all her part. She is meant for that and all her physical features are built accordingly by Nature for her renderances. By giving birth to a child she becomes a mother and it is her human duty to bring up the child to its growth. It is her humble duty as a good mother to feed her child with her breast milk. Her breasts are meant to be the kitchen of the infant. The new born has all rights to get his or her total food as milk from the breast of her mother. Breasts are with the woman for the main reason of feeding her child. Sexual pleasure and physical beauty comes long way after that and again that is a secondary opportunity gifted by the Nature.

A mother in real sense should never deny breast-feeding her child on the terms of her beauty. If she can’t feed her child from the kitchen of her child especially installed and prepared by nature, what is the meaning of mother-hood? Breasts were never entirely meant for sexual pleasure or beauty. They are wholly meant for the child at least during the first year of the child growth. It is a gift to the newly born from the nature and there is no good reason for the mother to avoid the child to benefit from his gift.

A womb or a uterus of a woman although used as a sexual tool is meant to preserve the pregnancy for nine months and then to give birth… Although the sexual part of a woman is seriously harmed and affected during the child birth, she would never think of never getting pregnant or not to give birth to her child which grows as a foetus in her womb. The infant in the womb gets all nourishment from the food and blood of the mother. It is destined to be so……

Labour pain during the delivery is very excessive and many times not tolerative by the mother. A woman during the process might decide never to be pregnant again to suffer such intolerable pain, but her decision does not last long. She very well plans of being the mother of another child without any pressure or negative thoughts. She very well understands her role as a mother.

Similarly she very well understands that the food for the child is prepared in her breasts and her child can very well grow up healthy without taking any outside food for about a year if the mother is healthy. It is her humble duty allotted to her by nature and she should obey the nature willingly.

The entire function of the breasts during the suckling time of the child is a natural set out. From the time of pregnancy the breasts are being developed as per the development of the child within the womb. The internal plumbing of the milk dairy and the conversion of food grains into milk to a certain level is maintained up to date. There was no other need of the function of the breast to store milk but for the newly born child. At no other times the breasts of the woman are seen with the milk.

Nature has very kindly arranged everything perfect for the mother and the child.  There is no fun in denying or rejecting the mammoth arrangement done by Mother Nature for the nourishment of a new life. It is a blessing natural gift to a mother in all respects to fulfill the right need of the child.

Breast feeding is not only to provide proper food to a child but by doing so willingly, a mother gets divine pleasure and endeavors to built a good character of her child. By doing so she tries to build the good future of her child. She does not only build or nourish the physical features of her child but she builds and nourishes the stock of positive thoughts in the mind of her child. Her good will, her good thoughts, her affectionate feelings are passed to the developing mind of the child through her breast feeding.

When a child sucks the stock of his food as milk from the breast of its mother through nipple, the mother is on the top of the world with the eternal pleasure of her life. It we had a machine to weigh her pleasure at that time; it is much more than her sexual pleasure with her husband. And that pleasure has no dot of sex at all. It is purely maternal affection and pure love of a mother to her child which has no parallel. The child on the other side is seen very happy while suckling. He gets all the pleasure of his life while doing so.

A breast feeding mother should take food according to the requirement of her child. Her taking of unsuitable outside food will affect the health of a child. A stomach problem of the child compels the mother to change her food. If a suckling child gets cold, a mother is treated for that along with the infant. The deficit in the body of the child is the doing of the mother. She would be always advised by her family doctor accordingly.

A bonafide mother should always eat for the benefit of her child. While eating any tasty or spicy food, she should think of the child first. She should never think of her taste at that time. She should be willing to give away some of her favourite tastes for the sake of her child. At most events she does it willingly as she loves her child more than anything else.

The growth of the child is much better through the breast milk rather than giving outside milk. The milk of the mother has all proper gradients suitable for a healthy built up as organized by the nature. When the milk is not enough for the child a mother should act accordingly. If the milk is not proper for the good health of the child, a mother should do the needful. Only under the unavoidable circumstances, a mother should avoid her child his right of suckling. Otherwise she should insist on breast feeding which is beneficial to her and her child until her child is used with outside food.

By breast feeding the child mother develops her mind with more love and affection. Her mind generates positive thoughts and her health stays normal. She finds her vaginal organs being re-settled and re-developed by suckling the child- the organs which were partly affected during pregnancy and mainly during child birth. By breast feeding, the mother strengthens her liver and heart and achieves better health. She charges her heart and other sensitive organs also.

There is no question of losing beauty of a physical feature. The breasts are not harmed or they never lose any charm by breast-feeding unless she is careless. The loose appearance of once the tight ligaments of the breasts is the result of the delivery and not the suckling.

Pouring out the milk from the breast by breast pump or manual and not feeding the child is an act against nature. Using drugs to block the inlet of milk in the breast is another nuisance. It surely affects the health of a woman in either way. The family doctors should advise such mothers accordingly.

Breast feeding is healthy, beneficial, social, natural and normal for a child and the mother as well. It is good for both. A child brought up by breast feeding by a loving mother is mostly a very healthy, wise and social as a grown up person.

The blood prepared from the milk of the mother would develop the child with the eternal love and affection towards the mother during his grown up stage. That will encourage him to look after her old age.



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