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British Women have a Greater Share in Family Life


In general, I have found that British women have greater responsibility towards their families – certainly more than the men. Although good and sincere husbands do their best to be of assistance to their wives in the home, their responsibilities and workloads do not compare to the commitments made by the women in general.

Although British women are well known for exercising their rights as house-holders and demanding equal status within family life, they are seen to be giving more time and concern to their family members.

Most British women have to go to work to help their husbands to meet the household expenses. They are forced to work to support their husbands, many of whom have to deal with heavy mortgage payments. The mortgage is the major expense from the household expenses.

Very few working class men can pay the mortgage as well as the household expenses from their incomes alone; they would have a really hard struggle looking for overtime or some part-time job for weekends and public holidays. They would constantly be looking for sources of help to make both ends meet, especially if they were married with a couple of children.

The husband has to be very economical and cannot afford to be choosy in his daily life. He therefore has to cut back on his various needs and requirements; his social life would also suffer if he were spending all his spare time looking for extra work.

Under the circumstances, a good British woman decides to work and share the household expenses. But it is not her heart’s desire to leave her home and children all day to go out to work. It is not a hobby; she does it because it needs to be done. It may not be willingly but she has no choice.

So she gets up early in the morning and prepares her kids for school with their Tiffin boxes. When she comes back from her work in the evening, the kids are waiting for her at home or at some care-taker and she then has to prepare and cook a meal for the family.

At weekends, she still does the most of the housework. Some husbands will use the vacuum cleaner and washing machine; most good husbands willingly help their wives with the household chores, but, of course, many do not.

British women have their special role to play, whether still living at home with parents, or after marriage. After marriage, and especially after having children, they usually give up going to late night parties, pubs and clubs.

Once she becomes a mother, the British woman plays an important role as a housewife and a mother apart from being the source of income. A good understandable wife has lot to do in family life.




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