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What Babies Demand from a Mother?

Babies when born to their mother do not demand anything in particular neither expensive powder, baby-soap nor imported toys or luxurious cradle. But considering the fact and talking on behalf of the babies, it is believed that the only demand that an infant makes on its mother is for its food which is already there in mother’s breast in terms of milk. Another demand from a baby is the true love which most of the mothers have in plenty.

Breast-feeding is the right of the baby as the breast of the mother is its kitchen where food in terms of milk is prepared and stored. Breast milk is meant for a child and it is known and considered to be the best food for the child. The breasts of the pregnant woman seek development in the preparation of the parts meant to produce and store milk for the child to be born. They are developed to the tune of the development of the embryo in the womb and are fully ready at the time an infant is born. It is a God given gift to a mother who should willingly use it for her baby.

And in the world of God, denying this basic right of the child of a breast feeding is an evil act and it is gross injustice done to a baby.

We very well understand that our modern society has totally changed and women find their individuality through work but in such a case, social norms have to be conductive to permit growth and denying a child the right to breast-milk for a minimum period of six to nine months will negatively affect the health system of the child. If we can not provide the right plateform for mothers to bring up a well bonded Child then surely the new life will suffer. Providing external milk or milk powder to the infant is not always healthy on its part. In reality, the newly born child is not supposed to survive on ‘not natural’ food but the mother’s milk by all good means.

Breast although a part of sexual organ of a woman, is meant for milk for her child. During the pregnancy period of the woman all accessories to produce the milk for the child are developed in the breasts. It is a special process carried out by nature for the healthy survival of the child. Mother’s milk is the best food for the child and it should never be denied except under un-avoidable circumstances.

For working mothers, it is not possible to feed their children with their breast milk as whole day they are on duty, far away from the child and it is not possible for them to store their breast milk for the whole day to feed the children in their absence. Such mother can only feed their infants in morning, evening and night hours.

Considering the fact, the western world has already accepted six months of maternity leave which is very convenient and beneficial for a woman to be able to feed her child with breast milk throughout the day.

There are some modern mothers who deny feeding their infants with breast milk not because of the job but just to maintain their breast charm. It is their wrong belief and harmful for a child. By breast feeding a mother is developing a healthy child and giving her good senses through her milk. Breast milk is not only the food for the child but it consists of affection and mental growth. The true love of the mother is transmitted through breast feeding and the development of a child is much healthier in the process.

In all cases a mother should feed her child for at least six months,  few  more  months would be better without ever worrying of her beauty of her breasts. It is a wrong belief that a breasts of a woman lose their charm while beast-feeding the infant. Contrarily the health of a woman is better maintained through breast-feeding. A woman while suckling the child seems to be on the top of the world and she gains freshness and a peace of mind. Immunity power is said to be alerted and she turns out to be a better person in most of the senses.

Through breast-feeding, the mother is giving her child the real healthy food, proper growth and affection. The child brought up by breast feeding turns out to be a strong and the healthy child.



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