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The Unsatisfied Woman

(as told by Narendra)

Kanchanben, my class teacher, was 32 years old with two children. She looked very smart and was always attractively dressed. She always had a lovely smile on her pretty face and looked younger than her years.

I loved her kind and affectionate behaviour towards me and I was convinced by her behaviour that she liked me more than the other students. Not only did she give me free tution after the class but she also tried to help me to learn the important guide lines of the exam.

At times she invited me to share her lunch Tiffin. I also had dinner at her home with her family. All these favours became the subject of envy among the other students and Kanchanben’s affectionate friendship with me evidently became the talk of the school. What was particular about me that made the class teacher lean towards me like she did? There could not be any scandal of a sexual nature because I was too young to have an affair with a matured teacher.

My visits to the teacher’s house increased. I was even invited to her house in the absence of her husband and children, when the teacher would put on some strange clothes, exposing her body. Sometimes, while taking a shower she asked me to give her the soap or a towel, which she seemed to forget purposely. She did not dare to show her naked breasts to me while doing so.

Kanchanben had a good husband and was the mother of two kids. I was nearly 15 years her junior. Where was the fun in exposing her nude body to a young boy like me, and especially when no one else was at home? She even tried to show off her alluring breasts to me by bending over in her low-necked blouse. She would try to show her thighs now and then, pretending to rub them.

Once, to my surprise, she asked me to clip her bra, and then she wanted me to soap her back while she was in the bathroom. And I was really amazed when she ordered me to rub her fulsome breasts while totally nude in the bath.

She seemed to be happy doing all those nasty things, and I never tried to stop her as there was something in me which liked those touches. I liked looking at her naked body and I loved rubbing her alluring breasts. I was happy to clip her bra. There was something in it which made me happy. But I was unaware of the thoughts of my teacher at that time. Certainly she was very happy and on top of the world while she was doing it. I could see it very well on her face.

Was it really sexual pleasure she was getting from all this? Was it the sex in me that was making me happy doing all those naughty things? If not, why should I do all those nasty things?

I was proved right when my teacher undid my buttons and began to caress my penis. Sure enough, my organ became stiff and I felt on the top of the world. Everything was so sweet that I did not even realize when my stiff penis was inside the warm and juicy uterus of the teacher, and I was greedily kissing the lovely nipples of the voluptuous mother figure.

She tremendously enjoyed having sex with me – a young teenager who was having his first sex with a grown up woman.

I realized later on that Kanchanben, my class teacher, was an unsatisfied woman. She was never satisfied by her husband in bed to her requirement.

No doubt, I loved sleeping with her. I was surely on the top of the world when my stiff organ was in her lubricated, very soft and warm uterus. I very much enjoyed kissing and playing around her very alluring and stiff breasts. Kissing her lovely cheeks and her sexy lips was a heavenly pleasure.

Everything was good and very alluring for me. But everything I did with her was really bad, I came to realize. After all she was my teacher and teacher in true senses is like a mother. Very bad indeed and a great sin to my good understanding. I had committed an act of adultery that was a sexual crime.

And I STOPPED GOING TO HER HOME thereafter. No more sex and no more favour for me in the class.                                                                                                  ..                     ——————————————-



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