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The Extra Dosage


Stephen was the regular customer of the particular bar. If some one wanted to see him badly, he or she would go to that bar in the evening hours and he would surely be found drinking. He had a special place in the bar and his drinks were also special. He was a known person among the people visiting particular bar.

Stephen ordered for another round of drinks. The bar maid of Atlantia Bar, a pretty thin girl in her late teenage, who looked as if she had been carved out of marble, walked daintily to the cupboard and shuffled back with two beers and a white cap which she placed in front of Stephen and a Tusker which she shoved under the nose of Stephon’s drink partner… Martin who sat near by.

He had the reputation for being a keen scrounger and tonight he was at his usual job. He was a person of slight build, medium height and a brown complexion of Indian type. He also sported an unkempt beard and a moustache, both of which he boasted expansively in public. Those two gave him a bunny appearance but he was happy and proud to be so… Wherever he went, he seemed to carry with him an air of sharpness.

His keenness in the art of scrounging was attributed to the fact that he could do it with a lot of flair and dignity. He had a remarkable sense of humour and flattery was part of his make-up. That was why he addressed his companions as “Chief”. Although rough and tuff, he was always in the friendly mood.

Martin’s Victim to-day was loaded with dough and was seated on one of those high stools which in boozer’s language are known as “No problem”

Stephen was short and white. He was shabbily dressed. On the counter next to his beer lay his well known weather-beaten leather jacket which  he always boasted, had coasted him pound 80, five years ago when at that time, money was real money.

The particular jacket was legendary and most of the time it was his identifying mark, because it had spent a good deal of its life serving its actual purpose… The jacket had seen better days.

The two men, Stephen and Martin, were remarkably noisy in a some what somber atmosphere. Martin, using one of his tools which he employed for executing and facilitating his “operations” as he called them, kept his drinking companion happy with a lot of stories whose truth was questionable. An outstanding characteristic about him was that he made people believe that he could seduce even a winning star any day given a fair chance. His blue shirt even born the legend “Don Juan” in fading white letters.

It seemed that he was out to prove that he never bragged for he was holding the beautiful and charming bar-maid by the hips and was pretending that they were dancing to a non-existent tune clearly though the girl was not resisting. But it was clear that she was not at all happy about the whole thing. She never flirted with the customers like Martin. He whispered something to her of which Stephen heard the only word “to night” that was the last straw.

The bar maid fumed and in the ensuing uproar made it clear that she never did such things and even if she did them at all not with a man like Martin…and not in public.  She would have a better man and a better place. The meaning of the sentence never dawned on Martin or the other customers of the bar, since the girl was clearly a “reject” charming… To Martin it was breach of contract since he had whispered. But the bar-maid on her reply had shouted instead.

For a fraction of a second, Martin looked embarrassed, but was quick to regain his composure, because embarrassment was one word he never included in his vocabulary. This was trait in his character that really deserved admiration. With a surprised flown on his face, he sneered at the girl, one who knew him well could guess that he was looking for a suitable remark to hurl at Hitty Kitty  which was the nick-name of the bar. At the same instant, Kity who was now behind the bar-counter looked at him and said,

“I think you are matured and you should know from now on wards that “I don’t do such things. I am not as cheap as you think me to be. I am not meant for each and every Dick and Tom. I do have my own choice in the matter, you see”

The door to the bar opened and a tiny girl with a young boy on her heels entered. The small girl announced as if in reply, “Mama, the baby is crying”

Martin smiled and pointed accusingly at Stephen.

“You don’t do such things eh?” he asked sarcastically

“I reckon that you are still a virgin… sorry “

There he pointed at the two little alluring things on her chest and laughed contentedly. The bar maid looked flustered and as a final humiliation, the bar boomed with the laughter of the customers who had heard the entire wise-cracking.

Victoriously, Martin bounced back to his seat and finished off his beer. To congratulate him for his wise remark, a drunkard nearby ordered a beer for him. Martin took it with the expression that he deserved it and so there was no need of saying thanks. He went out through the bar’s back door to relieve himself for time being and have fresh air.

As his eyes grew accustomed to the dark, he saw a girl sitting by the stairs all by herself. At once, Martin forgot that he had meant to relieve himself. He looked at the girl closely before greeting her with respect. Then he introduced himself as Sam from the other town and the girl told him that her name was Jane. She said she came from the opposite ridge and that she had come to meet a certain friend of hers but that her friend had not arrived yet. She was waiting for him…

Martin asked,

“Is that why you are not having a drink inside the bar?”

Before the girl could say “no” Martin had darted back to the bar and held a short whispered conversation with Stephen.

The latter ordered two “Exports” and went outside. He greeted Jane and handed her the two bottles of beer. Before he could introduce himself or add any comment to the greetings, Martin appeared holding his tusker and drinking from it. Stephen was just starting to mention his name when the former said, gesturing to the girl,

“I see the drinks have reached you”

Jane nodded clearly defeated. Stephen got back dejectedly to his beer, Martin urged the girl,

“Drink quickly; make it fast, we are going to some other place. This place is no good for us. Just forget your friend who does not keep time.  You will have a good time with me… I will fuck you to your total satisfaction and you will remember me for life time. So just relax.”

Jane was quite a drinker for she downed the first beer in a single gulp, picked up the other and took a long swing from it. She appeared as if she had really needed those drinks and a man like Stephen to sleep with. Just as she was about to take the last gulp, Martin stopped her saying,

“No don’t mind about that. You will have many others at the other place. Let’s move from here”

At that he led her to a nearby bush. He looked at the girl properly from top to bottom, touched her tiny but attractive breasts and rubbed her lips and cheeks with his rough but experienced hands. He even touched her buttocks. He found the girl perfectly fit for him. He was longing for such a lovely girl for long and to his good luck he was there with his choice.

Stephen came back but found no one at the stairs. He checked the bottles and found that the Tusker and the one Export were not quite finished. He decided that the two, had gone to the toilets and went back to wait.

Back at the bar, Martin asked her to wait for him. Jane resumed drinking her unfinished beer non-Chantilly. Martin entered the bar and spoke urgently to Stephen.

“This is why I always tell you that you will never know how to handle the girls. See now, I have convinced the right sexy girl for the night. Better you consult me before you trap any girl”.

He looked confused and without waiting Martin continued,

“That chick has accepted that we go to sunlight DSO club and I have told her that you will sponsor her, and here you are lumbering. Don’t show her openly that you are paying for everything or she will think that we were back biting her and she may change her mind. So that is between you and me.”

Stephen was poor in sexual Mathematics and so he could not add two and two and two together. The whole episode was mysterious to him and it was a shade too much more than his brain could cope with. He finished his beer. Martin went outside mean while and told Jane that they would go to the S.D.C (Sunlight Disco Club) which was the popular name by which the club was known. He collected the three bottles and took them to the counter. He got three coins with which he bought a box of matches and some cigarettes. He whispered to Stephen who passed him the blue note.

On their way out, they picked Jane at the back and started for the club. Their journey was uneventful and whatever discussion there was, was diverted on very general topics. At least Martin made sure it did to avoid the possibility of arousing Stephen’s suspicions. He needed not have bothered because Stephen was busy scrutinizing the girl in addition to his drunken fantasies. Without a lot of ceremony, Stephen agreed to pay for them.

They entered Sunlight Disco Club and immediately the three started to dance in a group. It was now approaching mid-night. Stephen whispered to a waiter who bought them drinks. They sat at a table and the drinking continued up to 3’oclock interrupted now and then by a spell of dancing. It was quite clear that drinks had taken command of Stephen’s head for he was now quite free with his language. Now and then he could be heard using phrases like “fuck you” “your mother” and the like.

Some minutes to half past three, Stephen left them, came back and whispering to Martin that he had booked a room. They picked up their drinks and went up stairs to Room Number 14, where Stephen had arranged that several beers be put there.

The two men sat down on the bed and the drinking continued for a short while. Martin beckoned to Stephen and the two went out. The bar-maid Jane never appeared to mind being left alone at any time and more so. She never bothered to ask the two what they were always saying confidentially to one another. She seemed to understand that men are busy. In her mind, she knew it very well that it is always safer to a woman never to question a man, especially one who had taken one drink two many.

Outside, Martin said annoyed,

“I will never understand you. Can’t you see the girl is hungry?”

Stephen never questioned how Martin had come to realize the very girl was hungry even though he was fully drunk. He knew very well that he could not win any argument against Martin…

A waiter was shortly called and Stephen ordered a full chicken. They went back to their room and after some time the waiter knocked the room and came in with the chicken plate with a huge quantity of chips and a bottle of pepper.

As soon as the food was placed on the table, Martin stood up softly but carefully. He was hungry. He took the paper bottle and put the beast part of the contents into the food which toned all red. He then invited them to eat with him. The other two joined him but after the first bite, they found that it was too peppery and they reluctantly retired. Martin devoured the whole thing and only seemed to notice that the other two had not been eating immediately after he had finished. Apparently when he had been busy at it the other two had been busy smooching, caressing, kissing and fingering one another.

He looked at them, smiled coyly and said,

“Since you two seem to be interested in one another, I’m sorry to inform you that there is no food for you”

He said it so diplomatically that they could not help giggling. Martin rummaged through the bottles and found one untouched export whose seal had escaped Jane’s Jaws. He opened it and quickly downed it after which he belched contentedly.

Without bothering to wipe his mouth, he collected all the empty bottles that lay scattered on the floor. Once, they were all safe under his armpits, he swept the room once more with his eyes after which he announced that he felt like going to sleep.

Stephen gladly excused him and was happy that he was leaving at the door, Martin said good bye to them and noticed that Jane had already started to undress. Shortly afterwards, he heard the sound of a door being handedly shut and the girl Jane with no clothes on her body.

He was excited to see the beautiful naked body of Jane with very alluring boobs. He was on the top of the sexual atmosphere and his ever hungry penis tightened to the strength of fucking forcefully the ever ready uterus of the young girl who had already touched his stiff organ inviting it to pierce forcefully in her already wet uterus.

At the counter downstairs, Martin gave back the bottles and received some pounds which had been deposited as a guarantee for the return of the empty bottles. He made sure that he had tucked the notes away in his innermost pocket together with the coin of 50 p.

He then started for the journey homewards smiling happily to himself. A short distance away, he heard the first cock-crow. His mission having ended, that is when the drinks started taking effect and he staggered as he walked singing loudly. That night he slept soundly.

Stephen did not sleep at all, neither did Jane. The minute Martin dis-appeared, they devoured one another the way he had devoured the chicken. By morning, the bed was soaked with perspiration. They had all sorts of sexual games several times. Jane seemed to be an expert in sexual game. Stephen loved it and had sex of his life time till he was flat. He agreed to his self that he had never had such a lovely night in his life so far. The little girl with her very juicy and sexy breasts and a self lubricating fucking place was really marvelous and an expert in sexual game.

When Stephen woke up on Sunday at 11-00 a.m. he looked at Jane sleeping exhaustedly on the spoilt bed and smiled. He felt very happy, though he was also broke. He looked once more at Jane and her bewitching breasts and quickly went back to bed to have some more sex with her. She did not object and had an extra dose of sex to her satisfaction.

By the end of the first quarter of the day, Stephen was very sullen. His hair was very shaggy and he had a fat hangover. But he was fully satisfied with a lovely sexual game with an expert girl some twenty years junior to him.

He booked the smart girl of his choice for the next weekend and the girl, Jane thanked him and kissed him for the last time and they separated to meet next week-end.



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