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Sweet Touch of Love.

Everybody craves for Love, sometimes from any source and at any cost. But not all find it or enjoy it in the right way. Some are fortunate enough to find it easily, but others have to pay a very high price for it. Love is not weighed in kilograms, nor is it sold in currency. It cannot be purchased, stolen or snatched, nor is true love ever sold. It is not the property of anyone and there is no monopoly over it. It belongs to everybody and it is available to everyone who really needs it. There is a huge ocean of love in the heart of each person but it depends how he or she utilizes it. It is in larger quantity in the bosom of a woman, be it as wife, sister, daughter or a mother.

Love has several aspects. The central point of love is the heart, but it lives in the mind, eyes, lips, tongue, cheeks, arms and chest. Love born through the heart is considered to be the best. But the most popular love at present is the physical kind-sexual love, which is both openly or secretly sold and purchased. This could be regarded as a love which has no inner feelings. In real terms, it is a sexual attraction between a male and a female.

Physical love may be an attractive part of life, but it can never be the only basis for true love. Love between a mother and a child, the bond of a brother and a sister, the love of a father and a daughter, between a teacher and a student, neighbours, two friends; and so on do not depend upon the physical aspects. There is love of country, of a pet animal, of reading, music or of birds and nature. A person might love needy people and enjoy serving them. These are all aspects of love. It comes from the bottom of the heart and kept alive by loving kindness.

There may, of course, be a selfish motive behind all these types of love, but human love is, essentially, an attraction between two people. Love is the draw and it works like a magnet. There is no existence without love. Life without love is empty. It is believed by philosophers, poets, writers and adepts that love is the food of life. It is hard to survive without love. Love is the driving force to life.

Love resides everywhere, in all corners of the world. It has no barriers of colour, race, religion, tribe or creed. Rich and poor enjoy it equally. Love is priceless, but not given to everybody. Love is like a sweet water lake which never empties. The more you draw upon the nectar of love, the more it expands.

Today’s definition of love is misleading. It too often means an affair between a man and a woman. Love overtaken by sex is a part of love, but it is only a part, albeit an important one. Married life without sexual love cannot flourish. Sex is the salt of love, the seasoning of a couple’s relationship.

Film-producers emphasize romance, spending millions to show us bewitching love affairs, scenes and songs. They make of love their commercial tool. Such films brainwash the young, so that college can become nothing but a field of love, concentrated upon sexual affairs.                      .                Love, which should be a bond of peace and unity in the educational atmosphere, becomes the basis of jealousy, fights and disturbances. Sometimes education becomes forgotten and the students rebel against well-meaning parents who have sent them there to build a good future.

Such young people become a headache for their parents and teachers. They also become burdens to civilized society. Sometimes they go to extremes and vow to marry a certain boy or a girl without ever considering tribe, religion or status. They claim to be in love and, once their sexual desire is either satisfied or denied, they carelessly separate. If the girl becomes pregnant, then she has no alternative but to have an abortion. The boy who promised to bring her stars from the sky would now hardly bring her a glass of water; he will leave her just like that without ever showing any concern for her.

Often, it is not love of the heart but purely sexual desire which is termed eternal love. That love is not different from the attraction of a dog to a bitch in season. A mean bull becomes very polite and friendly with a cow when he wants to mate with her, but when he has finished he will push the cow away from him. He has no concern for the pregnant cow.

True love is a flow which has no end. Even animals and birds show love towards each other. The love of a mother for her child is familiar in the animal world. The love of male and female and fights between them for love are common among animals. Animal parents sacrifice themselves for their offspring. The attachment of birds towards each other is well-known; some species even mate for life. A cow’s affection towards her calf is not less than a human mother’s love towards her child.

Love is a food to fill empty hearts, but not the stomach. It can bring peace and happiness but it cannot bring material wealth.  Lovers promise to give their lives for each other, but they will often save themselves in an emergency. Love is a precious stone, which can not be purchased or sold in the market.

Countless books have been published, poetry written, films and plays produced and many stories told about love. Romeo and Juliet, Shirhi and Farhad, Laila and Majnu, Devdas and Chandramukhi-Paro, Salim and Anarkali are just a few famous fictional lovers.

The love of Lord Krishna, the Hindu Supreme God and his devotee, Radha, is worshipped. Images of Lord Radha-Krishna are ceremonised and worshipped in Hindu temples by millions of followers. Radha was not the wife of Krishna, but a lover. She was a married woman-married to an ordinary Gope,  a shephered. Her love towards Lord Krishna was pure and without any sexual desire, it is said.

Love can win a million hearts. The course of history has been altered by love. If love were used instead of deadly weapons, no wars would be fought. Love is the messenger of peace and unity. Disputes, fights and murders would cease if only love were used as a mediator. Love can change hostility into friendship. It can change a beast into a tamed animal. It can wipe out enmity and bring unity, create Heaven from Hell. In some circumstances love can heal a sick person without medicine. Love can turn a coward to a lion.

Love in the true sense is the deepest feeling towards one- another. Those loving each other truly will sacrifice everything for the other. Love is a passion without limits, though it can also be blind and sometimes fails to see the truth.

Love with the bond of sex would hardly last long. Once not satisfied or not willing as one’s wish would surely disturb the relation.


© H. V. Kerai

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