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New Resources to tackle Obesity

Obesity in children seems to be the major issue for the British not only for the present Government, but for the entire Nation.

The Government has really tried hard-everything possible to reduce the dangerous increasing rate of obesity in school children.

Parents are advised now and then to monitor over the food of their children at home and even outside when they are not in schools. Even the children are very nicely and ably educated the causes and the risks of the obesity in schools.

Although, JUNK FOOD is considered to be the major cause of over-weight, there are several other factors equally responsible also.

The further study and research by the experts have their own findings and those findings appear to be more workable and useful to reduce the increasing number of obesity cases in children.

Children fond of TV and internet, face the risk of obesity as they sit over the TV programmes or play internet games for long avoiding going out in streets or in public gardens to play around. They also keep away from exercises or outdoor games which would avoid their bodies from growing fatter. Instead they keep on eating junk food like chocolates, crisps, nuts and drinks like coke or Pepsi while with TV. or internet.

Parents not allowing their kids to play with their friends in neighbourhood or other street friends are responsible for the deficit. Except the bad company effect, the children grow healthier by playing with their friends- surely not bad ones.

Parents sending their children to not very far school by cars, buses or railway or dropping or collecting their children to and from school are equally responsible and blameable for the possible obesity in their children. Instead they should wake them earlier and ask them to go and come from school by walking except during emergencies.

The children should be trained to do some domestic work of cleaning or arranging the strayed items in the house. They should also be trained to do some work in the garden to their capacity.

On weekends or during holidays, children could be sent to buy newspapers or some day to day useable items for home like bread or milk. They could as well be sent to deliver some letters or some other items in the surrounding area-relatives or friends to make them walk.

They should be encouraged to play some outdoor games like long jumps, string jumping and a little bit of jogging and some other suitable games to keep them alert.

Children could also be trained to go to public places on bicycles to some long distances and the Government should cater for special cycling routes for them for reaching far away schools, public gardens and other public places.

The empty play grounds or public open area fields could be converted in playing foot ball, valley ball and even cricket at convenient places for the children taking part in large numbers.

The school children should also be allowed and encouraged to play in their playgrounds during intervals or even after school hours. They should also be allowed to use the school playgrounds on weekends or holidays on special arrangements.

All class-rooms should be furnished with weigh-scales and children should weigh themselves regularly twice a month and have record in their special book so that the parents are very much aware of their increasing weight.

Attractive hugh posters of the various dangerous effects of OBESITY should be attached in the dinning halls, libraries and the corridors of the schools. All buses and the routes leading to schools to be with posters accordingly. Awareness of obesity problems should be highly exposed.

Children should be trained to cook their own food at home and avoid ready packed junk food from the market in the absence of their parents. They should be asked to have some good fruit juices instead of coke or Pepsi which are no way good for them.

Diet control– avoiding junk food or drinks, regular exercises, TV and internet restriction, and self help projects for children could be the right sources to fight obesity. Regular exercises at school as well at home, regular walking to and fro from the place of their destination, playing around and so on would surely help to reduce the threat of obesity problems.

I am of the personal opinion that the educated obese children who face several problems due to over-weight,  should be trained to come out in public forum-on radio, TV and newspapers to talk to the young generation about the evils of obesity. They could as well talk from their personal experiences which could effect better.

Short documentaries viewing obesity as the devil dragon to be shown in mostly all the schools and also in the public places for general public awareness. Public lectures in famous halls could be organised to educate the children and the parents as well to keep away from obesity.

It is high time; the British Government should come out thoroughly to restrict the sale of junk food to young children so widely. The sale of junk foods around the school areas should be restricted from the immediate effect. Surely the health of the young citizens of this nation is of more importance than the mode of business.

It is no use struggling to reduce obesity at very high expenses on one side and entertain the full force of sales of junk food on the other side. It is of no use over flooding the hospitals with the patients suffering from the bi-products of obesity when we have already known the root causes of the ailments cropping from obesity. Hospitals of Britain are unable to meet the demands of the hundreds of patients who have to wait for treatment for months because of NO SPACE in the hospital rooms.

IF only the increasing number of obesity affected persons is reduced by the external remedies other than hospital treatment, the public outcry against their late admission in hospitals would be reduced.

OBESITY, I have learnt from the genuine and reliable reports that it is costing the Nation nearly one billion pounds a year which is really a huge amount derived from the strained but bonafide tax payers of the country.

As the Government has very wisely restricted the sales of cigarettes, tobacco, liquors and other drugs for under aged children-the sales of junk food should be also be restricted accordingly.

The parents should be strictly educated to avoid children from junk food. The government should cater for specially trained Social Workers who could approach homes during the presence of the entire family. They should talk to them how the obesity ruins the lives of their children and should educate the right sources to have control over obesity or to be far from it.

Otherwise, the fear of severe attack of cruel obesity is in waiting and it could ruin the future of the entire Nation.

Alternatively the British Government should hand over the giant project of OBESITY to the well qualified and experienced HERBAL PHYSCIANS or NATURE CURE experts. They could very ably and easily import such specialists from overseas especially from CHINA and INDIA. They would be much more effective and cheaper than the present NOT SUCCESSFUL and VERY EXPENSIVE movement of the Government.




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