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There have been many stories about people rescued from death at the very last minute. An expert doctor saves his patient from the jaws of death with an emergency operation or treatment. People have survived sever heart attacks, and came round from on as, against all odds. Someone who has been seriously injured in a road accident is brought to the hospital immediately by a good Samaritan. A person is injured in a remote area and falls unconscious but is found at the last moment and brought to hospital; where he comes round.

If he gradually remembers the event,  although in most cases, he is unable to recall the accident or the place where it occurred. Under these circumstances, people are often unaware of where they are when they do regain consciousness.

Sometimes, following a coma patient’s speech is confused and unfocused. Medical professionals aren’t always able to be sure about the outcome of an operation and ensure the relatives that if the patient reaches a certain point, he will be out of danger. If the patient shows a little movement within doctor’s predicted time; he assures the relatives that he is out of danger now. Sometimes, he even leaves it to God and asks the relatives to pray.

On coming round from a period of coma, he is returning from another world –one which other people may not understand or be able to relate to.

The accounts of their experiences are sometimes written off as drug or trauma-induced visions. A quiet and calm environment with restrictions placed movement and visitors might be advisable while they recover.

All of those described above have had a sort of near death experience- NDE. Such people claim to have seen the reality of death and the life after, come and came back to life-and perhaps they are right. There are similarities in many of the accounts of NDEs. They recalled a series of extraordinary events that occurred during their comas. They have had a glimpse of the other world which exists after death-perhaps the astral world. They could easily describe their journeys and the experiences of this other world. .

I have had several opportunities to study cases of NDE during my study of “Life after Death.” I ventured to visit people in emergency wards, I.C.U. units of various hospitals in Kenya, England, Germany, Thailand, Ceylon and India. I had opportunities to visit several people who appeared to be on their death-beds and who are now living normal lives. I interviewed several people who had been in comas for a number of hours or days, and who woke up having suffered no – ill-effects… I had chances to listen to the last words of people as they were dying, describing the events of the other world ahead of them in great detail. I have also witnessed the Swaminarayan followers at their death-beds talking of the Lord Swaminarayan coming to escort his soul to the other world.

Some people claimed to know the exact date of their deaths, and who were proud to be accurate almost to the hour… Some of these even described their final hours as well as what the other life looked like…

During my research trips to India and the Far East with Dr.Menon, a professor of Medicine, and Dr.Rao, a well respected doctor of Human Psychology, I have come to believe that death is not the end of life, but rather the beginning of some new-life after death. It is the mysterious transition of the soul from this world to the next. Death is nothing but the casting off of the physical body by the soul, which is immortal.

When a person dies, we see or view him as destroyed and gone for ever. We either bury or cremate the body, and the person is with us no more. But in reality, it is just his physical form which is destroyed and the true life within him which is the soul that is not destroyed but lives on, in a new body in another world. It is the physical form of a person that dies but the soul within does not die but goes further with new prospects in the new atmosphere.

If it is not the person’s time of death, the soul will not move into the other world but instead will return to his body. People who have undergone with such NDE experiences go through life with this knowledge normally until it is their time of death, and his soul continues its journey to the next world.

For these souls, the journey into the after death will be less of a shock, as they have been there once before, during the NDE.

I have interviewed people who have woken during the final stages of their own cremations-obvious to the surprise of the congregation. Such persons remember their journey to the other world clearly, and could narrate it clearly. . I have noted the statements of such persons and found them relevant to the others with the experience of NDE.

Although during NDE the soul travels to the other world [the astral world as defined by the theosophists] through the new physical aspects known as Etheric Double which takes him to the places of his destined visits.

He talks of bright lights, a divine atmosphere, which he says he has seen several times in the dream sequences. Travel is not constrained by speed limits or other obstacles and he can walk or fly through the sky as high as he wants.  He can fly as well as Superman. He can pass through walls and ceiling without harming himself. The body uses- the Etheric Double-does not require any clothing, water or food.  He is ever powerful. A guide is available as he required as one, who can take him to his destination without referring to the map and directions given to him at the entrance of the other world-the Astral World.

He can clearly see the world he has left behind. He can see his town or village, his street and his residential area. He can see those who came to witness his final hours. He might try to talk to some of his relatives, but is annoyed to find that he has no contact with that world No one seems to be able to hear him…But surprisingly, he can hear them talking.  He can see his physical body lying helpless surrounded by mourners.

He travels further, and he comes to a barrier. A large set of gates are in front of him, but angel gatekeepers don’t allow him to proceed further as his name is not in the list of visitors book, nor does he have a temporary pass. He is told to check with the near by office where his guide, is also surprised by the situation.

The Deity in the office asks him some questions and then advises him to go back to earth quickly, before it is too late. It is not his time to enter this world yet. He came to this world by mistake, or because of an error made by the deity of destiny-Death.

He approaches the deity who gave him the Etheric Double to travel through the Astral World in, and is surprised to learn that this was a necessary stage for him to go through in order to return and live out the rest of his life’s pan.

He returns to his body on the deathbed just on time. He opens the eyes- to the relief of the doctor and his relatives. He tries to talk about his experience of the other world, but nobody seems to be interested.  Even the doctor does not listen to him, and might treat him with sedatives or tranquilizers. The relatives assume it is the side effect of his illness. The person himself seems confused by the changed atmosphere, and may remain so for some time.

His memory is divided between the two worlds and he seems to forget much of the real world. He is unable to remember the identity and the names of some of his nearest relatives, and suddenly remembers several events of the other world. It takes time to help him to recall the physical world, and to try to emerge from the influence of the astral world.

The experiences of such NDE cases vary, but the statements about the Astral World, the angels, deities and their powerful ability to travel are all mentioned  frequently, as are the experiences of seeing everybody but not being seen by the people on earth. Reaching a certain point and not being allowed to go further and advised to return to the physical world are also often mentioned, and memory loss is also common.

Not all these people can be wrong. Not all of them have similar dreams or fantasies people of different beliefs, races, and backgrounds could not create the same stories. Nor can fairy tales account for these occurrences. What these people have seen and observed during a period of coma or unconsciousness is nothing other than Near Death Experiences.

There are those who talk of previous lives, and some of these stories have been verified by research. There have been cases of people born in India, who talk of being born in a specific area of Africa or Europe which they have never visited, in this life, or know much about… When they are taken to the places they have described, they show researchers the places of their last births as described by them while in India. They can easily remember where they were schooled and where they worked in this earlier life.

In some cases they even recognized relatives of the past life. Researchers have approved it.

There have been proven cases of the people born in Europe or America talking of their previous births in India or the Far East. These stories have been headline news in newspapers and magazines. Popular books have also been written based on the stories of some of these people with so much anecdotal evidence; we must accept that NDE is a true phenomenon.




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