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My First Job Experience.

My first job was at a Company called MAVJI GOVIND & CO of Mombasa in its branch at Nakuru-Kenya. I worked as an assistant Manager in the beginning and then as a Quarry Manager shortly afterwards.

The company had another two branches where I was in charge of blasting. I had a license of explosives and I was given a special training for blasting by the Mines & Explosive department of the government.

In those days, there were neither mobile phones nor computers for instant communications. But for me there was a special radio call service provided on a special license. It was not so safe to transport blasting maternal from one place to the other and all sorts of safety and security steps were to be taken while traveling with explosives. Radio call under the circumstances was very important.

I started with the salary of K Shs 3500/- per month in the year 1972 which was a reasonably good amount in those days. I was promoted to K. Shs 5000/- the next year when I took over as a Quarry Manager with in charge of blasting.

“Always stay relevant” was one of the learning derived. I was supposed to be on alert on all events. I had to maintain my blasting job as a top secret. I was not supposed to talk about it with outsiders and even the employed staff. My first goof up occurred when I stopped at Nairobi at one of my relatives place, I was requested by him to help him in blasting. I did it to my good understanding but realized that it was not fair. I was not allowed to station at a place where explosives were used and I was not allowed to blast at the places other than mentioned in the permit. Unluckily the explosive inspectors arrived on site and found me there with a loaded vehicle of explosives. Considering my good reputation in a welknown firm. I was just given a friendly warning and left off.

I regretted over the matter and decided never to do such offence in future. The matter reached to my bosses in Mombasa and I was just given a quit notice without any warning or notice. I had really disturbed them by betraying my profession. It was not their fault as such.

Perhaps that was my first and the last job as I started my own business immediately after.



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