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Mindful of Health.

Mr. Pawar 38, had a stressful job profile, erratic timings and an irregular eating schedule. He never got up early as he slept very late night. He took his breakfast within minutes. He had no proper time for his lunch. His loving wife prepared his lunch at 12 and sent to the office before1.00 p.m But Mr. Pawar never ate before 2.00 p.m .Sometimes, he took his lunch during tea-time. He worked in office late hours and never reached home before 9.00 p.m. His dinner was never on time.

He ate enough but he had no time for any walk or exercise. Yoga was never his reach.

He developed high cholesterol and his weight raised upto 105 kgs. He developed high blood pressure which at time showed 180- 120 mark. To his bad luck, the doctor gave him the bad news of his Diabetes. Apart from those ailments he suffered from bouts of hyper acidity and insommia.

His family doctor very seriously advised him to control his diet, eat on time and do regular exercises. He was supposed to reduce his weight by all good means. He may be the victim of several other ailments if he did not change his life style.

And he did. He got up early and went for early morning walk of two miles. He did some Yoga at home regularly. He took enough time in his very simple breakfast. He started coming home for lunch which his wife prepared according to the Doctor’s advice. He reached home at 6 p.m in the evening and went for walking for about an hour. He took very simple dinner.

And he started losing weight and feeling a whole lot better about himself.

His change of life-style changed his health. His B.P seemed to be normal without any drugs. His diabetes came in control. His hyper acidity disappeared and no more insommia. He got up fresh in the morning and slept soundly at night. His work out put increased and he was doing some more work than earlier from 9 am. To 6 p.m to the previous 8 a.m to 9 p.m

Within eight months he was found always fresh and cheerful with the happy smile on his face. His weight had come down to 78 kgs.

Mr. Pawar once a person with several ailments and over weight turned out to be a normal person with the normal weight. Everything turned out to be positive due to diet control, timely food taking and regular exercises.

His secret in food taking;

Wheat Chapattis replaced by jowar Chapattis which helped him digestion and to lose weight. He took one glass of sweet lemon juice without sugar and salt which brought his B. P to normal. Pineapple and goat milk helped him to get rid of his hyper acidity. Two walnuts and flaxseed three teaspoons a day helped him to control his cholesterol. No sweets no rice or any high calorie items in his food. A meal pattern and methi seeds roasted and ground with maneuver powder brought his diabetes to normal.

It was the healthy food which was all that required to bring everything normal in Mr. Power’s life. He got rid of a number of drugs by eating right and on time and exercising regularly.

Eating awareness was the top secret of Mr. Pawar’s life.




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