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Mental Problems with Children in U.K.


School children in Britain primary and secondary level suffer from mental health problems. The present survey by National Children Health, the children charity reveals more than a million children with mental health problem, a figure higher than five years before and fears of increase in number if appropriate effects are not brought in practice.

Ten percent of such children have been struck with an epidemic of disorders ranging from depression, anxiety and anorexia to violent delinquency…

The devastating research by experts also reveals that the part played by the sexy images projected by the magazines, daily news papers, films, T.V. serials and sexual advertisers along with the junk food diets, binge drinking, easy availability of some drugs and a damaging mix of family breakdown are to be blamed for the cause.

Mounting exam pressure and parents overlooking the present trend of education also become the part of it.

The modern living style of parents and the need of the modern generation are forcing the children to develop their mind more quickly and further advanced than the previous generation. Using of mobile telephones with full facilities and the constant use of computers for internet games, adults only websites and other funs -plays the major part for the mental health problems of the children.

The present survey on such cases has shown that the numbers of children admitted in the hospitals when diagnosed with mental problems were found to be suffering from eating problems.

NCH, the children charity organization, further says that the children of Britain are affected by severe and worsening emotional problems. There is a constant pressure on the British children to struggle hard to be like a super model or celebrity.

The number of children with emotional and behavioral problem according to the study from the institute of psychiatry has now nearly doubled.

Levels are higher among the children from the lone parent families and reconstituted families with step children. The children brought up during the serious disputes and quarrels between the parents and resulting to divorce are the easy preys to mental problems.

What do you expect from a child who was brought up in such quarrelsome atmosphere and at the age of 16 being asked to select a parent -a mother or a father?

British childhood is undermined by all these combined pressures and of course schooling.

Under the circumstances, none of the parents is in the position to take keen interest in the education of their children. There are all chances of such children to be wayward or spoiled ones. They become naughty in the school and give little attention in the teachings. They care less about their home work.

They become envious and jealous of the children whose parents look after them properly and love them.




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