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A case of a Menorragghia

(Excessive Bleeding During M.C)

A young woman of about 25 years of age enters my clinic with a pretty dress and a gloomy face. An aged woman who accompanied her introduces herself as the mother-in-law of the patient and she told me the problem with her daughter-in-law Meena.

Meena had a complain of her painful menses which were never regular. Sometimes she got her period within twenty days, and other times she had it after forty days. She was tortured by severe pain in her legs, stomach, back and head, three days before her menses. She has to take a complete bed-rest during her periods and the pain was beyond control. Bleeding was excessive and sometimes she fainted, leading to the family doctor having to be called, who would inject her and give her some tablets which allowed her a brief relief.

But so far no permanent solution to her problem had been found. She had been advised to take the medicines, four days before and during the menses. She took the medicine, but as her menses were not regular, she could not ensure that the medicine to be taken before menses would be taken on time.

I went over her several reports, soniography, medicines prescribed and the comments written by various doctors. The family had spent a substantial amount of money trying to resolve this problem, but so all far in vein. A welknown gynecologist had also carried out curatine [DNC] of the uterus, which helped to reduce the blood-flow to some extent. He also suspected a uterus tumor and warned her that if the problem continued, she has no alternative but to undergo a major operation where if required the uterus would have to be removed for good.

The husband and the mother in law did not want her uterus to be removed at such a young age, as she was yet to bear any children. This caused a big problem for the family; for if Meena already had a child, she would have preferred to have her uterus removed than have to continue suffering in pain.

Coming to know about certain cases of the type being treated to a success in Shreeji Clinic, the mother in law had brought her to me to seek advice and, if possible, for seek possible treatment.

I asked her several questions about her stomach, her daily food, her drinks, her delicious dishes, her movements and her personal relation with her husband. I also inquired about her urine and stools and I came to know that she had constipation, gastric problem, severe acidity–burning in urine at times, burning pain in the chest when she had eaten delicious spicy dishes, tomato sauce, chilly sauce or lemonade. Potatoes and beans fried in oil brought sever headache and sometimes dizziness.

All these problems deteriorated during menses and lasted for about seven to eight days, which led to weakness and weight loss, as Meena weighed only thirty-nine kgs now, whereas before these problems she had weighed fifty-two kgs. Her blood-report also showed Hb, 8.5. She had been given blood by her relatives before, which made her survival possible. She was also taking medicines to increase her Hemoglobin.

Now before I could give her any treatment as such I advised her to take some more blood and report back to me as soon as possible. I did not need to have any further reports as the previous doctors had advised and checked most of the essential reports.

When Meena reported back, her Hb showed 10.5, which I thought to be sufficient to start my treatment. I kept her on full diet control in the first week –to take salad and goat’s-milk only as and when advised by me. I also asked her to take few pieces of ripe papaw twice a day. I allowed her ice cream and milk shake in the next week and two bananas a day. I prescribed her with the Ayurved 2 nos tablets Shronitagirl Rasa to be taken three times a day during her menses

She was supposed to take a compulsory walk early in the morning, a further walk in the evening hours and finally at night. This was to be done to her capacity and to be increased gradually, as it was very difficult for her to walk that much in the beginning because of her weakness.

Things had improved to a notable standard within two weeks when she reported to my office during the menses as advised. She felt pain as before but this time it was tolerable. I advised her to relax, walk, take some more cold milk, and take a tablespoon of isabgul in cold milk at night. I also asked her to rub ice on her womb twice during daytime. She was also advised to relax flat with legs pillowed one foot higher than the back. She could as well use cold garden mud-pads on the upper side of the womb while relaxing so.

A month later, there was a slight pain and no headache. To her surprise bleeding also was reduced and this time lasted for five days only.  I allowed her to take boiled vegetables, fresh fruits, two slices of bread in the breakfast, and two chapatties in the lunch and a small bowl of hotchpotch in the super at night. No hot spices, chilies, oily foods and gastric foods to be taken at least for three months. She should take more of salad regularly.

When Meena entered my clinic after three months with her mother-in-law, I could see a happy smile on the bright faces of both the women. Meena was free from all the problems she had carried during her first visit to my clinic. Her menses were regular with no more extra bleeding and no pain at all. She now weighed 50kgs and her Hb. was 12.

I allowed her to take all sorts of routine foods except hot dishes and gaseous foods which according to me were not suitable for her stomach which was the center of problems, Meena had suffered. She should continue to maintain her walking schedule as far as possible.

After the period of eight months Meena came to my clinic with her mother-in-law and complained of delayed menses. The bright wave of happiness and delight glittered over the faces of both the women when I told them the cause of the delay in her menses. Meena gave a grateful smile and very big thanks once she had learnt that she was going to be a mother soon.

For the last five years Meena has attached herself to my clinic bringing similar cases and she has never filed any complaint of her old problem arising again. She is now a proud mother of two healthy children and had normal deliveries. Every time she meets me she gives a very grateful and sweet smile and does not dare to talk her previous problems and how they were sorted out by my treatment to her friends.



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