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The Enigma of life is very difficult to fathom. Though thousands tread the path of life, very few take keen interest to amuse on meaning and purpose of life and living.

To some, life is a desert and a sea of bitterness; to others it is a dream and a spring of sweet water. To some mystics, life is an illusion where every tangible thing is unreal and some define life as a Safari between birth and death.

The great poet Shakespeare has said “Life is a stage and we all are the actors.”He has also defined life as “A tale of sound and fury, told by an idiot signifying nothing.”

According to science, all matter is divided into living and non-living, but spiritualists say that all matter is living, a view that science is concurring with now.

Therefore meaning of life is lost in intellectual maze; and verbal acrobatics of some true and some phony speculators.

What is Life and how did it Originate?

Life is an interaction between consciousness and matter resulting in varied manifestations. Consciousness can be compared to true white light matter, can be compared to a prism which splits the pure white ray of consciousness into spectrum of several colors.

These colors combine to make still greater variety of hues; same can be said about life, which appears so different on physical level but all combined together would sum up as one life and one consciousness.

Matter and consciousness are mutually in-dispensable. Matter is needed for Consciousness to manifest whereas consciousness is needed to give meaning to matter. One without the other is simply useless. Consciousness is found in all the matters. It is manifested according to the degree of vibration of particles of the matter, e.g. densely packed particles in solid matter would vibrate very slowly and therefore that matter would appear non-living whereas on the other side lightly packed, loosely arranged particles in liquids and gases would vibrate faster and so these would appear to be living.

Theosophists, for long have been talking about this. They have claimed life to be in the rocks, for several years. The Hindu holy Shastras speak of Mountains and rivers, the living image of the special deities. The Hindus worship mountain Himalayas and River Ganges as the holy deities even today in general.

Even the modern science has to agree that life pervades all matter and therefore there is nothing that is non-living. Each and every matter has life.

Now the most important question here arises is about the time when the life actually impregnated matter?

On the physical basis of science, we may date the emergence of the life in matter as few million years ago, say with first appearance of life in a single celled Amoeba.Thereafter life evolved and now it is at it’s spatial stage in gaseous, vegetable, mineral, animal and human states.

Occultists and theologists say that life existed in divine mind, a long long before the millions of years date set by science.Just as all matters and actions are expressions of thought, all life manifested is expression of divine thought. It is also theorized by spiritualists that the current existence is only a stage in the huge experiment and not the end product. Therefore the life in millions of years to come may be manifested in totally in different forms and beings.

The phenomena of the origin of life is astounding as well as inspiring.In the beginning there was world…the world ,which was with God, says Bible. Hindu scriptures theorize that universe and the world began from the out-pouring of divine impulse on that primordial matter in space called Ether.

After several pouring, Universe took shape and with a tremendous explosive sound planet earth took shape; Life was introduced in form of waves of consciousness on matter. As we say, life first manifested in mental bodies. Later on it took shape in astral bodies-and on further condensation of particles of matter, life enlivened the densest and gross physical bodies…What we see as flesh and blood of human, wood, trees and stones rocks etc.

Life in all matter, gross, physical and light mental is perpetrating and interesting. Thus life on non-physical forms though invisible has profound effect in visible physical forms and vice-versa. That is the reason why into spiritual life begins with vital first step of absolute physical purity and harmony “Sound,”mind in a sound body is simply proved by psychosomatic branch of medicine.-“As above, so below,” is saying of ancient spiritual teachers.

Living as Manifested to Humans.

Thus life is interaction between consciousness and matter, the process manifested is living. When the interaction stops due to incapability of matter, we call it death; the disturbance of interaction on material level is physical illness and disruption of interaction on level of consciousness is mental sickness or mania.

The living occurs on visible physical as well as in-visible physical levels, i.e., wherever omnipresent matter and omnipresent consciousness reacts, there is life and it’s manifestations in living.                                        .                             Life and living is not a random spark going on haphazardly. It follows certain laws. These laws are fixed, intrasgressable and irrevocable. Any matter not fitting to the demand of the law is case off or consciousness withdraws from it, charges it to suit the law [Mutation].

On human level, living is guided not only by laws inherent in spirit matter laws but also by laws of society, tradition, religions of the states and laws of science and hygiene.

A HUMAN BEING HAS TO OBEY ALL THE ABOVE LAWS IN ORDER TO LIVE HAPPILY. Living demands that a person be totally fit for his substance and for the substances of his family. Only then could he fulfil his role in the society, country and the world.

There are certain un-written laws as well called Ethics-which are to be enforced by one’s own self. Thus though human being may appear to be free, he is the most chained, imprisoned within framework of laws –human as well as natural and also metaphysical laws of causes effect [KARMA] and evolution.


Why life was created is beyond ken of human intellect and even beyond current stock of vocabulary but through centuries of observations of living progress, philosophers, theologists and mystics have put forth various theories as follows;

Living process is meant for consciousness collect experiences by experiments with various matters with particles vibrating at different speeds. This leads to it’s efforts to improve that matter towards evolution.When a certain matter’s capacity to record a relay experience ceases, consciousness abandons it to enter more useful matter as happens in illness, death and reincarnation. Consciousness being perfect, it is the evolution of matter that is the result…..



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