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[The Change of Life in a Woman]

Sooner or later, every woman will under go the-‘change of life”.
Just as the first menses indicatives that the ovaries are active, so the cessation- whether sudden or more gradual-of menstruation, marks the on set of the menopause.This is the time when a woman’s reproductive capacity diminishes, and her ovaries cease to produce eggs capable of fertilization. Just as the body prepares for sexual maturity gradually, through puberty, so the transition to menopause is also a gradual one. This produces symptoms known as climacteric symptoms.

The age at which this occurs is influenced by a number of factors including race, family history, lifestyle, weather and individual differences. The menopause in different races occurs at different ages.

Chinese women seldom menstruate beyond the age of forty. Menopause in Japanese women takes place in their late forties. A study into when menopause occurs in North American women has shown that it begins between the ages of fifty and fifty-five, whereas the Indian women undergo menopause around fifty.

All these women continue to menstruate for far longer than women from African continent.

Wolof women and some women from Sierra Lone are said to cease menstruation, on average, by thirty-five. The reproductive capacity of the women of some Indian tribes in India, especially in the hottest is said to cease earlier than in Europe.

Generally, climacteric symptoms occur earlier in third world countries and in women who have under gone puberty earlier.

Psychologists have observed that time of menopause can also be influenced by lifestyle, and that menstruation tends to cease earlier in working class women, although this is by no means always the case.

Constitutional factors are thought to play a key role in when the climacteric symptoms occur but little is known on this subject. Some believe that dark women with an athletic build experience menopause later, and that the menopause earlier in the cases of the unfertile individuals is comprehensive, since impeded general development would naturally lead to an early cessation of the ovary-functioning.

Women with masculine characteristics as well as the inter-sexual type, also show the symptoms earlier.

Generally, females who go through puberty earlier continue to menstruate till late in life, while women whose men striation began later usually cease to menstruate early. You are contradicting what you said earlier here!

Another contributory factor is health. As might be expected, a severe illness or other physical trauma, such as sudden fight or grief may bring an earlier menopause.

These can also cause a temporary cessation of the menses, depending on the age and general health of the woman.

This “Change of Life” in a woman affects her sexually. In many cases women who go through menopause younger, retain more of their sexual allure.

The initial five years following the menopause are sometimes hazardous unsafe for women. For some there is no change in mental and physical habits. Others suffer from or sessions and compulsions?

Some women experience mood swings and find that they are shorter- tempted than usual ; some choose to spend more time alone than they would normally as they find it difficult to be around other people The sex drive can also be affected.

So… How can an understanding help if his wife is feeling like this? The best thing he can do is to be patient and loving.

He should aim to create a quiet atmosphere and to provide her with what ever she needs-she may feel the need to get away, in which case a break in the country side can be beneficial.

Rich or spicy food can exacerbate menopausal symptoms, as can acidic food. A balanced diet with plenty of fiber will help digestion, but if symptoms become severe, it’s always best to consult a doctor.

Generally speaking, when menopause begins, women will no longer be able to conceive, which many women find a relief after years of taking birth control-although there have been a few rare cases of post-menopausal conception .

Menses do not usually disappear immediately but gradually reduces in frequency. There are cases where women have conceived during this period. But they are very few.

As the menstrual cycle is often inconvenient and painful the advent of menopause can be seen as a blessing, and worries about unwanted pregnancy and most women find that this is-happily-not at the expense of their sex drive.

The symptoms of Menopause vary as per the health and circumstances of a woman. It needs lot of patience and understanding for a man during the session as the woman at most events is found very upset and aggressive during the period. Not only she tries to avoid sex but she does not like to be with the husband for long.

Once a loving wife, she is found to be rough and rude with the husband at most events. Once a loving mother, she shouts at her children in minor issues. Once a good neighbour, she avoids the company of the neighbour.

She wishes to stay alone at most events. She avoids talking with friends and relatives and is not happy seeing guests at her home.



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