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Keeping the Mind Active


There are several different ways of keeping one’s mind active. Once the mind is found to be active, there are few problems facing life. Those few problems could be easily sorted out by the so said active mind.

Eating the particular type of food, reading a certain literature, seeing a film or a serial of the choice, playing crosswords and sudoku, conducting favourite exercises, taking cold showers during warm weather, playing music or playing indoor games like chess or carrum- all these activities keep the mind active.

Our proper way of life-style and out healthy diet with organic food keep our minds active or help us to do so.

For long timely sex with full enthuse with the right life partner has been the true source of keeping mind active.

Love is the true food of active life if only it has no selfish motives. Love shown from the bottom of the heart activates the mind of any person- man or women, young or old, illiterate or educated…

Keeping the mind active is very important for the person who wishes success and peaceful prosperity in his life.

One who really wishes to keep his mind active should avoid smoking of all sorts, binge drinking, staying in pubs and bars for long, adultery in general, junk food, watching soap operas and avoid hanging out with those who moan. He should keep away from bad company and never allow negative thoughts to trouble the mind.

Playing with an innocent child, reading loudly, working for the medical or business degree at university, giving lectures in public places, writing for popular magazines have proved to be very effective for an efficient mind.

Staying with the people with good humour and those who make you laugh or people with the same interest and positive thoughts will surely boost one’s brain to activeness.

Although chocolates are taken to be part of junk food, if taken the selected dark ones at a limited dose are said to be very effective to keep the young minds active. They consist of Magnesium and antioxidant chemical to supply oxygen to the brain and keep the mind active.

Prayers are the best media to keep one’s mind active. Surely true prayers at the right time will wipe out all sorrows and worries from the mind to bring it to the active level.

Helping the needy persons and giving services towards the needy causes would surely keep the mind active. If you do something good for the person of your touch it will surely keep your mind active.




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