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In the Background of Mini-Pajamas


Little John was invited by his only auntie Rosy to spend weekend leisure time at her home in the company of his loving cousins.

While preparing for the occasion, John found that his new Pajamas were nearly three inches longer, reaching his toes and heels. It surely needed shortening before leaving for auntie’s place.

He approached his eldest sister Meggie very politely but she didn’t seem to attend him at the particular time and replied,

“See John, my dear, I am sorry, I don’t have time at present as I am preparing for my date this evening. Just ask Sue to do it for you, please!  If you don’t mind!”

So enthusiastic John rushed to Sue, his younger sister and peacefully requested her to help him out. She even didn’t respond to him positively showing the excuse of her preparations for the test of the next day. John was referred to contact elder brother Reggie who excused him as he was supposed to attend a lecture and was already late.

The loving and ever busy mum was busy preparing the delicious dishes for the guests coming from the neighboring town. There was his, not very co-operative dad, whom he found reading the movie-news in the last month’s magazine. He even dared to seek his help although he was very much aware of his negative attitudes.

The father very calmly and wisely advised him,

“My dear, instead of bothering others for a small job, why don’t you try hard yourself and do it. I don’t see the reason, why you can’t make it. JUST TRY! IT IS DAMN EASY”

So all thumbs up, little John attempted to do it himself clumsily and managed to snip three inches off, the lower ends of pajamas, stitched over the folded part and put them in his bag along with the other items.

Next day-at the departure time- everyone was too affectionate towards John. Maggie and Sue kissed him over and big brother Reggie embraced him with all his heart and regretted his absence at the weekend. Sweet mother gave him some sweet advice and blessed him the comfortable and happy weekend at very kind and generous auntie Rosy.

Surprisingly, the father came out whole-heartily and wished him Bon Voyage with a very warm farewell and also wished happy times over the weekend. That was a very surprising behaviour from the father who had never talked so politely with JOHN so far.

Little John was not only very happy but also very surprised to see the loving atmosphere at the time he was just going out for a weekend. A day before no one seemed to attend him and help him out to reduce his pajamas. And now everybody was greeting him nicely.

The weekend passed too soon but not so well as it appeared from the stormy look of John’s gloomy face when he returned home from auntie Rosy’s place.

Everyone was eager to know what had happened at the weekend at the auntie’s house as when John left home, he was very cheerful and happy and how he happened to come back so gloomy and worried.

What could have happened on the other end which was very favorite place for John? Surely something or the other had gone wrong or otherwise JOHN would never appear that way, VERY GLOOMY!

John had nothing to say but he had a question to ask to each member of the family,

“Let me ask you a question first before I go for the further story of my stay at Rosy auntie’s home! Who exchanged my pajamas with micro-mini hot pants?”

To everybody’s surprise he removed and displayed his ultra-short pajamas for all to see. Without doubt all were aghast to see such a short pair of pajamas. The pindrop silence prevailed the atmosphere but soon the coin dropped and Meggie, the loving sister giggled; ever smart Sue sniggered, grown up brother smiled in moustache, ever taking easy Mum grinned, hard faced and strong-minded Dad stared with the raised eyebrows and ultimately all burst in guffaws of laughter.

The atmosphere cooled down and even the gloomy faced John relaxed his tight face and joined the laughter without knowing the true source of the matter.

Ultimately, the Dad took the command of the atmosphere in his hands, broke the ice,

“My dear John, these are your original pajamas and not exchanged for micro-mini hot pants as taken by you. Just take it easy and I try to make it very clear to you, how your three inches longer pajamas turned out to be of pygmy type.”

All the eager eyes settled on Dad who had the right answer to the very strong question, John had asked to all of them on his arrival from the weekend tour.

“It so happened that Meggie, Sue, Reggy, your mum and myself, were all one by one struck with remorse at OUR refusal to help you. So one after another and secretly-they snipped off three inches each, off your pajamas, without ever confirming to you or passing the message to one another.

All of us were trying to help you secretly and without telling each other, including yourself. It shows how much we care for you. We all wanted to help you out. That was our intention. BUT…YOU SEE HOW IT WENT ALL THE OTHER WAY! However we all are sorry for what has happened but it was nobody’s wish, you see!”

“Thank God,” remarked little John,

“That I don’t have dozen of brothers and sisters-or otherwise I might have found only pajamas strings in my night bag!”

And there was a processation of open hearted laughter in the room for long.




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