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I Would Never Do That.


It was in the end of the year 1962 in Nairobi. Kenya was supposed to get the independence the next year. Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was recently released through the joint efforts of Freedom Fighters of African and Asian origin.

I was the youngest Freedom fighter representing Kenya Freedom party dominated by Asians.

I had been a writer, a speaker and a journalist at the very young age. I had been very smart at the time and several girls longed for my company. Many of them tried hard to have sex with me but no one could make it as I had vowed not to have sex with any one apart from my wife and that even after the completion of my studies.

I was already married to a pretty girl some four years junior to me. She was supposed to stay with her parents until I had completed my further studies. It was agreed so between both the parents-mine and hers and that was my condition of marriage.

My parents had already left Kenya for good to settle in India, leaving me along on my own… My father had kindly given me a second hand car… Otherwise I was earning enough through writing, photography and tuition.

I was giving English tuition to some housewives whose husbands paid me nicely. Some of the good ladies, even washed and ironed my clothes, cleaned my room and even cooked for me.

Most of the women were young and had recently come from India to stay with their husbands who were previously staying alone without them but in the groups. Those women although educated to standard four to eight had no knowledge of English at all. I gave them English tuition.

Samu was the very new arrival aged nearly 36, two children- both studied in India. Her husband stayed alone with other relative for long but used to go to India, once every three years. There were no direct telephone contacts in those days and so communication was done through post between them.

Samu had maintained her health very well and her physical features were attractive and her hair style bit modern. She did not appear to be the mother of the elder daughter aged 18 who while together seemed like a sister to her. She hardly looked like the woman beyond   30… Her husband was proud to have a beautiful wife of her caliber.

Her husband had approached me to give Samu the special tuition for spoken English apart from written. So her time was separate and for her only. I used to go to her house five days a week from 2 to 3 P.M. when the neighbours were asleep and the children in the afternoon session of the school.

Samu liked privacy with me. She used to put on a nice Punjabi dress and a high quality perfume. She was quite clever in studies and was very fast in spoken English. But she had a weak and not good habit of sitting very near to me and intentionally tried to touch me at intervals. She tried to stare at me with the hungry look and at times exhibited her smooth and shining thighs as if she did not know. At times she even tried to bend down to the extent of showing her alluring breasts.

But it was of no use. Sex was not my food and such attitudes did not carry any weight for me.  Contrarily, Samu was losing the respect I was giving her. Once, I warned her about her gestures and I gave her a lecture on her attitudes… After all she was my student and 16 years senior to me. I was like her son in age and she should very well understand that .I was not for the sexual game- not at all. No woman could ever allure me with all her sexual parts exposed, I was sure. That was my good will and spiritual achievement.

It worked for few days. Samu behaved properly and even sat at a distant from me. No more touches. No more exhibitions of her thighs or breasts. No lip biting nor winking of the eyes.

Merely 15 days had passed and one day when I entered her house, she came to open the door in her night dress without any underwear. She exposed her breasts to allure any young male to sip the saliva in the mouth.

I just asked her if she was asleep or if she had taken bath recently. She smiled at me but did not respond to me and entered her bedroom and asked for few minutes to change her dress.

She came in the normal dress and she responded to her lesson properly to the end. She behaved as a normal woman and as if nothing had happened.

Nothing unusual happened for a week. The other week when I knocked at her door, she took some time to open the door and when she came to open the door, she had only a towel on her body with thighs still wet and the well developed breasts partly covered.

She gave me a sexual smile and waited for me to enter in, instead of rushing to her room to cover herself properly, she locked the door from inside and closed the windows and rushed at me like a wild cat. I was really frightened to see her embracing me very tightly and kissing me on my cheeks and lips with the wet and warm lips.

In the meantime, she had removed the only towel form her body and stood complete nude in front of me.

“What is wrong with you Samuben? Just put on the clothes and be ready for the lesson”

I ordered her as a teacher would order his student.

“Yes, I am ready for the lesson, my dear. This is the lesson, I need from you to-day”

She exclaimed shamelessly. And she once again hugged me, kissed me this time on my lips and rubbed her hand on my back and chest.

I tried hard to get rid from her grip but in the meantime she had pushed me hard on the sofa set and climbed over me, rubbing my chest and trying to touch my sexual organ. She tried to press me form upstairs and clinged both of her legs on my buttocks and rubbing her stomach and the uterus with my private organs.

It took me few minutes to get rid of her tight grip but in the meantime, she had already opened the chain of my trousers and pierced her hand straight away on my organ.

I managed to get up from her grip and I slapped her hard on her soft cheeks…I had no choice as she was totally out of control.

“Samuben you have really gone out of yourself. This is really bad… You are like my mother and I am your teacher. And you very well know that this is not my affair. Please put on your clothes before some one knocks on the door… I do not like such a fun at all …Please Samuben”

“But Sir…. Only once, please Sir… I will never bother you any more, I promise… Please Sir just take me in your hands once only… I will be happy and very grateful to you for that… I understand your feelings but under the present circumstances, I need a young person of your caliber satisfying my sexual desire”

Samuben glared at me with a faint positive hope. But that was nonsense. No woman of any physical attraction would ever allure me to sleep with her… never … the beautiful features of the nude body of Samu, with juicy lips, very lovely cheeks, very attractive and fleshy young looking breasts, not heavy stomach, a thin waistline, sexual part to allure any he man, pillow type buttocks and beautiful thighs- all resembling a young and pretty model and to make any male to pour out immediately.

I wished to be more strong myself and so I took some time to look around her naked body-Samuben, however ‘not good’ was she at present standing totally naked in front of the young person of her son’s age, asking for sexual intercourse – she had really maintained her features at such an age and with two  deliveries.

No doubt her husband was proud to have a healthy and ever pretty and young wife like her.

I had no alternative but to leave her alone like that and go for another tuition. But that was not yet an end of Samuben’s shameful renderance. She rushed in front of me and very politely requested me once more to satisfy her burning desire as according to her she was not fully satisfied by her husband at most of the events.

But that was not my look-out and under no circumstances; I would comply with her request. I gave her some very personal advice on her misbehavior and also quoted some religious verses for her creating a sin.

“It was to be an open adultery which could be a great sin not to be forgiven by Almighty Lord. She should be afraid of God and never go for such sinful acts. She should be satisfied by her husband and never think of another man in her life.”

I stopped going to her house from the next day. Hardly a week had passed and I saw Samuben entering my room very politely with an ashamed face… I was alone, so she poured her heart. She apologized for what had happened on that day. She was really very sorry for that. She promised never to have any mischief with me in future. She will take care and she really regretted for her behavior of the particular day as she weeped with tears on her cheeks…She thanked me for giving her the good advice to be a faithful wife. She promised me to be one from now-on-wards.

I had no ill-grudges towards her due to her wild behavior of the particular day. I warned her of no more displays but only the study… Since then Samuben had never behaved improper…She maintained good behaviour through out and respected me like her GURU…A TEACHER.




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