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HRT:- How far it is SAFE.


HRT:- Hormone Replacement Therapy as it is known is widely used through out the civilized world to deal with the women affected with debilitating menopausal symptoms.

A woman affected by the Menopause -end of the menstrual cycle in the woman from the age of 45 to 50 or little less or little more- faces the problem of hot flushes, sweating at sleeping hours, weakness and pain in some parts of bones and reduced or no interest in sexual affairs.

Apart from the said symptoms, the affected woman gets annoyed and upset now and then. She tries to avoid any conversation or any dialogue with outsiders or even with the family members. She at events is not even ready to discus the important matter with her husband. There had been cases of women who during Menopause quarrel with their husbands now and then in minor issues. They even try to avoid staying alone with their husbands.

A very peaceful and friendly attitude wife becomes rude and not co-operative with the husband at events once she is under the chant of Menopause. If not known or briefed about the matter, the husband would not only be surprised but even shocked to find his wife in such a negative mood.

HRT was the right treatment for such woman so far. It surely gave the total relief to the affected woman. But recently some five years back the American Health officials have now changed their course of thinking and now they have the complete another tune that HRT is not SAFE for women.

And that alarmed the entire globe. Other health officials of the other countries started thinking and surveying of the use of HRT. Several debates erupted among the scientific and medical community every where.

Women under HRT treatment and thinking of going for HRT when required, panicked and the booming market of HRT came down nearly halved. The doctor became very much reluctant to write the prescription for HRT. In reality they were afraid to do so.

WHI Women’s Health Initiative, the American sponsored organization studied the cases of about 30000 of such women and their search became the scene of another scenic among the women.

Their search revealed that using HRT drugs had more heart attacks and more breast cancer cases than non HRT users.

Their search also showed the plus sides of HRT use where they noted few hip fractures and lower risk of colon cancer. HRT treatment surely affected over hot flushes, night sweats, weakened bones and reduced libido but the out put lay out of the side effects of HRT as heart attack and breast cancer was eclipsed… and the benefits were out weighed by the risk…

This search moved the medical world and through them changed the thinking about HRT among women. Once the beneficial treatment turned out to be a harmful one now. A negative attitude towards HRT was seen around.

But the long time users and believers of HRT were convinced that the studies themselves were flawed. Perhaps “the wrong patients from the wrong age group were given the wrong treatment” So many of the experts said that the conclusions of the studies are very suspect. Media reports were exaggerated of the findings. It was found that the study as such was done over the women of about 60 years or so…which was not proper. In reality the search should have applied to the women of late 50 or early 50 to 45 years to give the right findings.

However by now several women consider HRT to be the right and absolute treatment for the symptoms of Menopause despite the fear about heart attacks and breast cancers. Fears seem to be no more and HRT is now back in the field.

There are other dugs which can help to deal with the symptoms of Menopause. Even the herbal treatment works at several cases. But several problems growing through Menopause have no other more suitable and sure treatment like HRT.

Women using other drugs were found with hot flushes and night sweats even after ten years of Menopause. Where as the use of HRT brought an and to those ailment within a couple of years or less.

It is found that HRT increases libido and makes sexual life more enjoyable. As a result it helps a woman to be not so aggressive and hot tempered.

Thus HRT is going to survive for long until the time better device is brought in the market.




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