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“Holiday Wife”

Kirit was married at the age of twenty to Shanta a girl of 18.  His wife Shanta stayed with her parents till the age of 22 when Kirit completed his IT Eng. Course as agreed. Both the parents had agreed so before the marriage.

Immediately on the completion of his computer course, he was employed by a famous international company with the very fat salary. He was given the furnished house and a car. No doubt, Kirit was a very smart and very responsible person with a very outstanding public relation.

This was really a delightful event not only for Kirit but for his parents who were proud and happy to see their only son settled so soon without any efforts to look for an eligible job…The smartness and the cleverness of their boy had really materialized.

Shanta was a proud wife of a husband – a well settled officer of the known firm… She took over the responsibility of the family immediately on her arrival in her in-laws’ house.

Life passed very smoothly for the couple as the income of Kirit was good enough to lead a good life. Shanta was very social and looked after the requirements of her husband with care. She also looked after the aged parent-in-laws to the good tune. The old people were happy with Shanta and behaved with her like their own daughter.

Mostly every Sunday, Kirit took Shanta for shopping and at events visiting the relatives. Most of the times, they moved around with the aged parents who were very happy to be with their children. They blessed both for their good concern towards them.

Days passed and Shanta gave birth to a bright kid… Kirit got promotion in the company and was sent to U.S.A for further training for a year. He stayed as a paying guest with an American Couple who had a pretty young daughter in her final year of economics.

At many events when the couple was out, Kirit and the girl named Ema were alone doing their own home works in the study room. Ema was very social and good natured. She prepared coffee for Kirit and sometimes they discussed about the common educational matters for long.

At times, Ema took Kirit outside for a drive in the city where Kirit was a stranger. They took coffee or snack in the restaurants at events and also went to see the films together once in a while… They used to sit in the public garden at events and discussed about Indian way life for long. Ema was very much interested in the Indian way of life.

Kirit never talked of his married life with Ema or her parents. The parents of Ema were happy to see their only daughter with good terms with a very social Indian boy. They had no objection of Ema moving around with him even late hours. They found nothing wrong with Kirit as he was pure vegetarian and non-alcoholic. The couple was the follower of Hare Rama Hare Krishna movement and so was far from non-vegetarian foods and even alcoholic drinks.

Most of their spare time they invested for the Faith. Ema took Kirit to the nearby temple at events where apart from the Americans; there were several Indian origin followers of the sect.

Ema showed a very soft corner towards Kirit and Kirit had no objection of having Ema in his bed room at odd hours. In no time their friendly relation turned out to be a physical relation and they went to the edge of hugging, embracing and kissing each other. And even they dared to have the sexual pleasure when the parents were away. They both loved each other regardless of colour, race and religion.

Kirit used to talk with Shanta on telephone nearly every day in the beginning, then once a week and then twice a month. He used to talk with his parents for long. He briefed about his stay with good hearted and religious minded people where the parents were very pleased.

The parents of Ema never monitored the advanced relation of their daughter with the Indian boy. They trusted Ema and even Kirit. But they would not take any objection if Ema wished to have the relation with the Indian boy who they found to be quite match for her daughter if they both agreed to stay together as husband and wife.

The news of Ema’s pregnancy was not so good for KIRIT but the parents of Ema took the news as normal. They never talked in detail about it to Kirit, neither to Ema who was happy to have the pregnancy of the Indian origin of the Kirit caliber. She had very good opinion of Kirit and she found herself very fortunate to be the mother of the child of Kirit whom she respected very highly and loved him from the bottom of her heart.

But Kirit was not so happy to get the news. After all he was a married person with a good wife and a child in India. He had really crossed his limits and went to extremes with the American girl. As far as friendly relation was maintained, it was alright but to have sexual relation with the other woman was not alright at all. Above all, Ema being pregnant was a very complicated issue for him. Any how, he should not have gone to that extent. It was his fault and he felt guilty.

It was not good on his side to hide his family status to a very sincere EMA. He should have very frankly talked about his married life to the American couple and at least Ema before he crossed his boarder.

He had really gone wayward by making Ema pregnant without ever thinking of her future with him. He could have married with her only if he was single as Ema was a very social and religious minded girl who could make a good wife. He had no problem of her tribe as such.

But now taking Ema as his wife would never be accepted by his parents although it was not very uncommon in America to have an American wife for a Gujerati boy. There were several Gujeratis around with the American wife or the husband.

There were some cases of the boys from Gujerat having an American wife in U.S.A and at the same time another wife in India. They maintained both homes without the knowledge of each other.

Such boys were earlier married in India and even had a child or children with the first wife. Later on they happened to visit America on a temparary visa, come in contact with some beautiful American girl, have affair with her and get married to have the green card.

They sent enough money for their families in India. They also visited their families in India as a holiday tour, stayed with them for some months and went back to America. They never thought of calling their wives and children from India with the excuse of looking after their old parents.

The American wife is unaware of the situation and she stays happily with an Indian husband. When the reality comes in lime light, the Indian boy runs away from America and settles with the “Holiday Wife” for ever or divorces the Indian wife and settles with the American wife whichever is easier and workable. There have been some events where some of the American girls travel to India and looked for their lost husbands. That could be a very serious problem with the man who had run away from American wife without informing her or without ever telling her the truth.

Kirit was now in dilemma.  He was in America for a year only. He was very much interested in Ema. He found Ema much more attractive and very capable of meeting his sexual desire. Surely she would make a better wife as she was also an expert in cooking Indian foods of his taste…She was good in all senses and very much fit to be his wife. On the other side he would never think of parting his faithful and loving wife who took care of his children and even old parents.

He decided to stay with Ema in America and visit Shanta and his parents once every year and fulfill their requirements. He thought that to be the right solution under the present circumstances.

He took the decision and married with Ema in the Hare Krishna Temple through the Hindu Ceremony without thinking further. The white Hindu Priest blessed the couple for a lovely future.

He went to India and never talked of his affairs with Ema to anyone.  His company was an international firm and needed some one of Kirit’s caliber to look after the project in U.S.A. So Kirit took the opportunity and asked for his transfer in America. The company was very happy for that. The proposal of Kirit was to their benefit.

Kirit stayed for few months in India with Shanta and the parents and discussed about his transfer to USA. As it was not very advisable to take aged parents to America, he asked Shanta to stay in India with them and look after them. He would arrange for the funds and also visit them once in every year.

There was no objection from Shanta for the good future of her husband. She had enough trust in her husband and would never object to his decision. And again Kirit would be visiting her every year…

The parents had nothing to say as far as they were looked after by Shanta. They found their life very safe and workable with Shanta who was a very dedicated and sincere daughter-in-law. They were very fortunate to have the daughter-in-law of her caliber. Shanta was more to them than Kirit.

And Kirit thus settled with Ema in America as her official husband and visited Shanta and her parents once in a year. The company did not mind him staying in India for three months a year as they utilized his services to that period in their Indian Office and they had somebody in America to look after the job of Kirit for time-being.

Shanta was happy to have a good husband of Kirit type who had already given him two smart children by now and who had given her free hand to use funds as and where to her requirement. She was even free to take her social decisions on her own.

Kirit stayed in U.S.A. in the area where there was no one from his area in Gujerat. No body knew about him. Ten good years have passed and so far Kirit has been successful in maintaining two families. He has given Ema two loving children and keeps Ema ever happy. He is a loving husband to both wives. He is happy with both different lives, as an Indian and as an American.

There are several cases of the type in America. Not all have their “Holiday Wife” in Gujerat. Some are from other states of India. But there are plenty of such “Holiday wives” in India with the husbands having other wives either in America, Europe or Africa.

Not all are happy with both homes like Kirit or Shanta. Not all wives are like Ema and Shanta. It is not so easy to maintain two homes at one time with the limited income for everyone. It is not also possible for each person to maintain the relation secret for long.

Once known to the parents, wife or relatives it would be very difficult to continue so. Under the circumstances a person concerned has to take one sided decision. Either he runs away from the overseas wife and settles with the previous wife in India or forgets the Indian wife, parents and the relatives in India and settles in overseas for good as a lost person.

Neither way allows him the true peace of mind as it is in-human to do so                  ———————————


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