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 From 160kgs to 75kgs in 20 months

During my educational tour on junk foods and obesity in London, I came in contact with many people who had over-weight problems. I gave talks on obesity and the cure in several secondary schools and also at some colleges. I advised the students affected on losing weight with Nature Cure which was entirely a diet planning and the regular exercise and no drugs of any sort.

I had some emails from people who had lost a few stones on following my advice. Most of them weighed from 14 to 20 stones and had reduced their weight to 10 to 15 stones over the course of the year.

During my similar tour,  some two years before, I happened to meet one of the teachers in the grammar school, named Sandie – after my talk on the subject to the teenage school boys. Sandie approached me with a sweet smile and a warm handshake. I could not recognize her at the first event but I was surprised to hear from her that she was the same Sandie of 2010 who at that time was unhappy with her body and weighed about 24 stone, approx., 160 kg.

Now I was greeted by a young lady of about 26 yrs of age, looking very smart and with attractive features, just talking to me and thanking me for my advice which she managed to do with great care. Now here she was looking very different with a weight of about 12 stone, nearly 75 kg. She had lost 85 kg in 20 months. Tremendous…and wonderful….I was happy to hear that from the right source.

I asked her if she had lost the weight by undergoing an operation. She laughed at that and exclaimed,

‘Doctor, if it was due to surgery, I would not come forward to thank you so sincerely. Again, to be very frank, I would have never gone for surgery, even if your advice had not worked miraculously – as it can have some unpleasant side effects.’

‘Did you use any special weight reducing drugs?” was my next question.

‘No, nothing of the sort…at all…SIR…It was entirely Nature Cure Course as per your advice. No surgery, no medicines, and I mean it. Last time when I met you, my food was totally junk. I used to eat lots of chips, crisps, burgers, cakes, cream-biscuits, chocolates and drank coke in abundance. My breakfast started with toast with butter and 3 eggs and fried potatoes. I used cheese in abundance. And I did almost no exercise and walking. I was really looking ugly with that fatty body. After finishing the talk you advised me to reduce in brief conversation and I decided to follow your advice from the immediate effect.

For the first three months I tried to reduce my intake of some of the said junk foods as I was worried about stopping eating all junk foods at once – I feared it might bring some health problems. But I started some exercises. The next time the weight scale showed 150 kg. A loss of 10 kg in three months.

For the next three months I stopped eating half of my favourite items completely and reduced my intake of the remaining items. I started regular morning walks. The next time the weight scale read 130 kg…Thirty kg in six months.

But in another three months I achieved a weight loss of 20 kg. That was very encouraging for me. I went for early morning walks and every evening I walked regularly, unless it was snowing or raining. I carried out regular yoga as per your advice. I was on a very simple food with an excess of Salads.

And for the next three months, I stopped eating all junk foods and started eating brown bread, ordinary non-salty biscuits, orange juice and salad in abundance, green vegetables and fruit. At times I did eat sugar-free items like chocolates, ice-cream and biscuits but in moderation.

After the next three months the scales smiled at 95 kg. I had nearly reduced half of my weight in twelve months. And from then onwards till now I am entirely on the normal grilled food and no more junk food, regular exercise and walks…. I am here weighing only 75 kg, married to a good looking teacher recently with no health problems at all.”

And I was happy; the Nature Cure Treatment had worked for this over-weight person. It was really miraculous. Weight reduced from 160 kg to 75 kg – a loss of 85 kg without any drugs or an operation. No problems or any side effects.

The English lady gave me some positive hope for my mission in London. Such things were very common in India where Nature Cure is willingly accepted by several people. But in the country where hardly any people believe in Nature Cure, the case of Sandy was very encouraging.

I was by that time very convinced and confident that Nature Cure could sort out the major problem of obesity in England. It could save millions of pounds in government funding and the health of the people would be nicely maintained and N.H.S. in general would be relaxed from the tremendous efforts and heavy expenses it is diverting towards obesity and the ailments emerging from obesity.

No drugs, no fasts and no need to stay hungry. It can change the entire mode of life for the over-weight British who are by now struggling hard to fight obesity. It can save thousands of lives for people who die of diabetes and heart problems that are caused by obesity.

Britain needs Nature Cure specialists from India to deal with the serious problem of obesity without the use of heavy drugs or expensive surgery, I concluded…

It is high time the British Government comes forward to seek assistance from the Indian Government and ask for a few hundred qualified Naturopaths or the Indian Government can come forward and offer the British Health Department the right advice over the issue and be prepared to send as many Nature Cure specialists as possible to reduce the heavy burden of the British Government.

But surely Naturopaths have a good future in London.




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