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Dysmenorrheal: Menstrual Cramps

Several women suffer from menstrual cramps needlessly. These particular cramps are purely a chemical problem. High level of prostaglandins causes cramps which is nothing but the contractions of uterine muscle.

Few precautions and some domestic remedies will surely give some relief in cramps.

First of all a woman under the cramps period should take care of her diet. She should in all sense avoid heavy foods like sweets and salty foods. She should not touch any junk food during the period. She should rather eat more times as small meals instead of taking two or three heavy meals. She should go for more of vegetables and fruits.

Taking more of vitamin and mineral supplement will surely ask for fewer problems or no problems.

She should avoid drinks like tea, coffee, cola and chocolate. She should go for non-caffeine drinks.

She should keep away from alcohol or any other similar type of drinks.

She should reduce intake of water retentive items like salt and alcohol. Diuretics will never reduce menstrual bloating but there are all chances of increasing it.

It is advisable for her to warm up as it will help to restrict her cramped and congested pelvic area. Take warm bath for good.

Do some simple exercises or yoga. Walking briskly would surely help.

During cramps most women try to avoid sex. But it is advisable to have sex with orgasm for relieving cramps. It also relieves pain.

If possible go for acupressure in foot and spot for the paining spots which are known as trigger points that are supposed to be connected along internal energy-way line to the pelvic area. Gently press the located spots with your thumb and fingertips. You can do acupressure for about five minutes twice or thrice a day. Do it with both legs. It will surely reduce the effect of cramps.

If required take aspirin which will surely give relief in cramps. It is better to take aspirin or any equivalent medicine with milk till the time the cramps are relieved.

Menstrual cramps are never sweet. Neither they are good for a weak woman. Even after following the above suggestions if cramps are not relieved, just consult the doctor.




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