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Exercise: The Right Channel to Health

EXERCISE done on regular basis is the master key to preserving long and vibrant health into old age.

Human bodies need to move. Sitting behind a table for long hours is not what our bodies need. Sleeping for long hours and being lazy could never support a healthy and happy lifestyle…

Our entire body needs movement. Our muscles need regular exercise and this is the most effective way to supply fresh oxygen to each and every cell of our bodies. Anyone who does not exercise regularly is asking for a health crisis in one form or another.

Exercise is a pleasant medium in which to work at fitness and protect ourselves against future ailments. Good exercise means good health.

In general; there are two major forms of exercise: aerobic exercise comprises of body movements that increase the oxygen flow to the muscles i.e. yoga, walking or jogging. Anaerobic exercise includes sprinting, power-lifting, and weight-lifting. These are exercises that create an oxygen deficit in order to produce a burst of power.

Both types of exercises are good for the body; anaerobic exercise is meant for people who are low in strength. But both types of the exercises are good and should be carried out alternately to maintain properly balanced health.

One hour of these exercises daily is beneficial to general health. Some of the exercises are done at home i.e. yoga, step exercises on the stairs and skipping with a rope.

Walking and jogging are suitable open air exercises for a good supply of oxygen. Horse riding and cycling are both pleasant ways of exercising, and regular attendance at the gym will maintain long term health and fitness. If our muscles are not exercised on a regular basis, they will soon seize up, weaken and begin to sag.

Simple weight training is a great way to maintain healthy muscles. It may not be easy to begin with – it can be painful – but start off with sensible limits and you get used to it in no time, with no pain or stress at all. Weight training strengthens your muscles, which in turn makes you feel stronger inside, thus maintaining good health. Long term weight training will maintain strong muscles into old age. You will seem much younger than you are… it increases the body’s balance and flexibility.

Proper nutrition and exercise are the secrets of the fountain of health and youthfulness…. people of 50-70 years of age who have maintained both types of exercises perform like 35-year-olds.

Yoga is a form of exercise that combines body postures with deep breathing. Yoga is the ancient Indian exercise that has grown in popularly in the west. It is excellent for stimulating vitality, increasing flexibility and enhancing overall good health. Yoga seems to be beneficial for all as, apart from relaxing muscles, it relaxes the mind also. One feels fresh and energetic after practising yoga…it is good as a morning session before breakfast. Yoga is a moving meditation, removing stress from the body in no time.

An advanced stage of Yoga exercise is ‘Power Yoga’ with the same poses, but held for longer and therefore more strenuous. Power Yoga is a challenging exercise which will make one sweat, but very quickly relax.

Leaving aside all other types of exercises, but doing yoga and walking on a regular basis and giving attention to proper nutrition are, in themselves, enough to maintain good health and make most of us feel younger, even in our senior age.




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