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Depression means Poor Thinking

Individuals with dark thoughts are found to be in depression. When one is confused and is unable to take the right decision, he or she faces depression. In other words, depression means ‘POOR THINKING.’ People with depression are not happy. But it would not be right to blame such people for simply not controlling their thoughts. There is every possibility of a chemical basis for ‘poor thinking’. Certain tense circumstances are the cause.

Poor thinking in reality does not mean negative thinking. It occurs when the mind is not in balance. ‘Brain Chemistry’ plays a major role in the ‘State of Mind.’ It is important to seek the advice of a physician to treat the ‘Out of Balance’ mind.

The physician would prescribe anti-depression drugs, which in reality have no direct effect over the brain. But still, positive results are seen to some extent.

Drugs like Prozac, Serotonin, Zoloft, Elavil and Paxil can make shy people sociable, suicidal people stable and depressed people happy. But even a properly mixed batch of Korean health tea can have the same effect. In a way it is found to be better as it has hardly any notable side effects.

Mostly all the approved serotonins introduced in the market recently show a positive effect.  In countries like India, China and Thailand, people affected with depression use alternative medicines in terms of Herbal, Homeopathy or Ayurvedic, which are also found to work.  Alternative Medicines so far have shown no significant side effects, but the drugs all have long term side effects.

Drugs should never be taken for long periods – and to be safe, for no longer than a couple of months. Using those drugs for more than two months has shown that there are side effects which are not so easy to cure.

The worst side effect of drugs like PROZAC is a total loss of sex drive in both men and women. The couples who were happily enjoying sex once or twice a week could hardly think of SEX once in a couple of months. Severe headache, anxiety and insomnia are just some of the bi-products of these drugs, and the symptoms are as bad as the depression they are supposed to cure.

I personally think that taking these types of drug does not help patients to heal the cause. The drugs only mask the symptoms and do not address the cause. Such drug use may lead to a life-time of taking them.

So it is not always advisable to go for medication for depression or ‘poor thinking.’ Depression means the state of not being happy. Once you know what it is that makes your mind ‘not happy,’ it is easier for you to treat your depression without using drugs. It is better to look for natural alternatives to keep your brain chemistry balanced.

The best natural alternatives for depression or for a person with dark thoughts are:

(1) Nutrition – which is attention to the type of food and drink consumed. You should take (or not take) certain foods to remove anxiety or depression from your mind. Consult a good experienced naturopath and he will guide you to a total cure without ever use of medication.

(2) Supplementary Vitamins from the same naturopath.

(3) Exercise… this is a very important part of the natural alternative for depression and the time factor, together with the right kind of exercise, are the major issues here. If you have no proper idea of the types of exercises to be done for the cause, I would advise you to ‘join’ a Yoga Centre and select the types of exercise which would cure your depression. Talk to the Yoga teacher and he or she will guide you accordingly.

(4) Be positive-minded. Perhaps this would help you the most as your depression is mainly because of your poor, dark, or negative thoughts… think positive in all cases and be positive at all times and depression will have no place in your mind.

(5) Try never to stay idle. Keep yourself busy in good reading or seeing encouraging TV programs. Try to participate in social events and never get excited. Always play it cool.

[6] Prayers are the best cure for depression. Pray as and when required and you would be heard soon.

Depression in all senses is not good and immediate proper care should be taken to stay away from it.




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