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Cure with Faith


Sitaram had the problem of frightening nightmares. He could not sleep easily once he had been awakened in the middle of the night by the ghostly dreams. His young wife would console him and try to help him overcome the fear he felt from the horrors he had seen in his dreams. But she did not  make it wholly.

When he got out of bed he found that his whole body was itching and he was tired as if he had travelled a long distance on foot. Sometimes he had a severe headache which bothered him throughout the day. He also perspired now and then, even in the cool season. He visited the urinal often.

His wife carried out some domestic treatments suggested by the old mother but they did not work. He also slept with a piece of iron under his pillow for several nights as per instructions from one of the witch doctors who had also given him some magic water to get rid of the Devil that was bothering him at night. He even tied chanted threads in his hands as advised by the Mullah of the famous DARGAH and his head was regaled with peacock feathers more than three times. He also walked for a distance of 12 kilometres barefoot to the temple of a certain Deity on an empty stomach, but the problem was not sorted out to his satisfaction. All those orthodox treatments seemed to work for few days and then the problem started up again as usual.

Sitaram consulted the Doctor and the Physician and took their course of treatment, but that did not work at all. He even visited a Neurologist who said there was nothing wrong with his brain, but he still gave him some medicines to be taken at night. Unfortunately, it had some side effects and Sitaram was found crying in the middle of the night with a severe headache. A CT scan of the brain was taken, but it did not show any abnormalities.

He was then brought to my clinic by a patient of mine who had experienced a similar problem, which I had sorted out within few  weeks.

Sitaram, hardly 30 years of age, appeared to me as if he had been sick for several years with his gloomy face and weak body. His dull eyes and pale skin revealed his weakness.

I listened to his sad story and checked him over as a new patient. I found his temperature to be high and his BP on the low side. He had lost his appetite and was hardly eating proper food at all. His pulse was a bit high and he was very tired – even while just sitting and talking to me of his problem. I went over the files and reports of various doctors including the CT scan, but no serious ailments came to lime-light.

But he certainly had a problem. If all the tests were normal and he was not feeling well, what could be the problem? I prayed to the Lord to guide me in this complicated case and I trusted Him to do so by whatever means.

I gave the patient some medicine for low blood pressure and to regulate his pulse, as well as a tonic. I asked him to come back after four days. I also advised him to pray twice every day with full faith in the Lord. In the meantime I prayed hard for him as well and in my third prayer I received guidance from the Divine sources that he had a problem with his digestion. Although he went for stools twice a day, his intestine was not cleared. Moreover, he had a gastric problem which congested the brain, especially at night, and consequently he was having fearful nightmares in the night.

When he came back, I took his temperature and pulse, which were normal. He had a problem with gas and constipation, but he had never talked about it. No doctor had ever asked him about it and he had never thought of the stomach as being the cause of his terrible nightmares. He had faith in the Lord and he trusted me and my course of treatment.

Within three weeks his problem was sorted out and he never had nightmares or bad dreams again afterwards. As his digestion returned to normal he started eating more food and his weakness was steadily replaced by strength. Sitaram turned out to be a strong and healthy young man with enough faith in the Lord – whom he believed had brought him to my clinic, and who had directed me to treat him accordingly.

I was happy; my faith in my Lord had helped me to sort out the patient’s problem. I believe there is no problem which cannot not be sorted out by faith in the Lord. FAITH is a medical term of healing and it is part of the treatment.

A patient should have total faith in the Lord and also in the doctor treating him and the medicines he is prescribed. If, on the other hand, the DOCTOR ALSO maintains faith in the Lord and his treatment, it will certainly work positively.




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