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Control Your Tonsils at Home

Tonsillitis is a very common ailment among children as well as grown-ups. The tonsils swell up when excessively cold and sweet items are swallowed. Taking an excess of fridge water may surely invite tonsils. It then becomes very difficult to eat or even to sip anything. There is severe pain in and, around throat sometimes accompanied by a fever, and the patient feels generally unwell, having to seek the advice and treatment of the doctor.

If the pain becomes excessive and the swelling worsens, it is advisable to have an operation to remove the tonsils. However, in most cases, medical treatment is sufficient to relieve both the pain and swelling and there is no need for an operation.

If immediate treatment is carried out at home, one does not need to go to the doctor as tonsils are very easily healed. Recovery from tonsillitis is not complicated, though some affected patients will tell you in their ignorance that it is.

First of all, one should avoid eating and drinking cold and sweet items and also avoid oily and sour foods for the time being.

Just rinse or gargle with warm, salty water three to four times a day after eating. Take liquid foods or very soft foods for time being.

Mix equal amounts of honey and Turmeric and take the mixture three times a day, making sure to take nothing else, even water, for about an hour after taking the mixture.

Take hot milk with Turmeric twice a day. Apply a thick layer of Haldi as a paste on the throat around the tonsil area at night, or you can take a piece of cloth with salt wrapped in it and tie that around the throat. This will surely give a surprising result in the morning when you find the swelling and pain gone.

Eat at least two tablespoons of Gulkand in the morning and again in the evening, or boil the Gulkand and rinse the mouth with the mixture. Both methods would serve the purpose of healing the inflamed tonsils.

Salt and Haldi are the best remedies for Tonsillitis, and food control is equally important.

The tonsils will certainly respond to any of the above treatments within few days, but if the ailment is still not under control, then I recommend Ayurvedic treatment, which is not harmful and is sure to heal the infection within a week or so.




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