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Birthday Party with the Orphans

For the last five years my younger son celebrated this birthday party in the Orphan’s Children Home where I was the Hon. Treasurer for several years.

Not only the children of the home were involved in the function but the orphans and less fortunate children of the other Homes were also invited totaling app 2700 in number. It was really a big number but manageable by the very well experienced committee members.

Khamoja Boys Center erected the special huge tent. Decoration was ably done by the staff of various homes. Voice of Kenya information office provided the addressing system. Music was voluntarily provided by the Scouts Association.

All committee members of the different homes attented. A special photographer from the Kenya News Agency was engaged to highlight the function.

The Party started with prominent members’ introduction. Each home prepared special dances to greet the happy birthday of my son.

Soft drinks and snacks were served in the beginning. The party lasted for about three hours with the entertainment to all. A special huge cake was there with several candles. And a loud cheer of Happy Birthday cheered everyone and alarmed the surrounding areas once the cake was dissected.

All staff members and invited guested congratulated my son with bunches of flowers. Mostly all of them had come with the gifts of their choice that were later on donated to the Children of the Home.

Vegetarian special dishes were served by the staff of Oyster Cell of Mr. Darbar who had kindly come forward to serve the dishes at 30% discount. Scouts carried out mostly all the voluntary work. The staff worked in hand to hand to serve a huge number of children.

And my son was happy enjoying the function freely with the children, staff, committee members and invited members.

Media highlighted the function. Area Counselor, H.W.Mayor, District Committee and the Social service leaders congratulated me and my son for such a lovely idea. It was a pleasant time to be with unfortunate children of God. And I was very happy to see my younger son enjoying the occasion with all sorts of children.




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