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Birth the Fruit of Destiny



Man boasts of several great events, which are, actually out of his control. He claims going as far as Moon and Mars and he even boasts of his success in exploring the universe. He undertakes great adventures under the sea and explores many hidden lives and wealth of the under world. He could make the world very short by inventing computers and fantastic mobile phones. He has also invented the latest and the fasted trains and aero-planes which were out of reach for the previous generation.

But has he ever explored HIMSELF or the SELF WITHIN the right way? Has he achieved any notable success in exploring the truth of BIRTH and DEATH? Has he ever ventured to identify himself as the obedient tool in the hands of destiny? Has he ever endeavored to find why he was born at a particular place, in a particular race, in a particular family and at the particular time with the particular prospectus? Has he ever found the answers of the why certain people are born healthy and the others sick or handicapped? Why some are born rich and the others very poor? Why some die at the very young age and why some suffer even at the age of 90 and above?

He boasts of controlling the world. He even boasts of controlling the atmosphere. He claims to save the person from the jaw of death. But has he any control over the existence of Birth and Death? Has he ever understood himself as the obedient tool in the hands of Destiny? Has he the right knowledge of Birth and Death?

He tries to convince the present day world by providing the physical knowledge of how a life is born from the mating of an ovum of the woman and the sperms of a man. He has no right knowledge of the life, which enters the embryo in the woman’s womb. He has no knowledge of the true source of the life and how it came to the particular womb of the particular woman. He has very little or no knowledge of how the embryo in the cell of the womb is brought up to the exact time of delivery. He is fully aware of the physical knowledge of the life within the embryo but he has hardly any knowledge about the maturity of the life or the soul, which has come in the particular body.

One who is born is destined to die. But why one is born just to die? What is the fun in taking birth-creating lot of unconviences on the side of our mother who faces hardships for about nine months to nourish us in her womb? What are the fruits and rewards of our struggling for the possible survival and then in the end surrendering to the DEATH? What is the meaning of the life, which might be snatched from us at any time without our knowledge under any circumstances? We struggle for a fat bank balance, several expensive properties and a huge business. But everything once belonging to us stays behind after our death. Why could we not carry all our belongings with us in the other world?  Have we ever thought of it or tried to find the right way of taking all our assets or even a part of it in the other world?

We spend several years of our young life in studies and education starting from the primary to the colleges and universities. But there is no place we are taught about our real life on this earth. There is no course or any syllables which highlights about our cause of birth and death. We are never told of the place we arrive on this world and we have no hints of the world after death. Surely death is not the end of the Life and if it was in reality the end of life then why all this fuss of survival? Why we are reluctant and advised not to commit suicide even during the very tense and intolerable circumstances? If death were the end of life then no one ever in life would tolerate so many ailments and tortures of life. Then suicide would never be considered to be a sin. It could be the easiest channel to get rid of problems and death-bed ailments.

The present day science and the modern education have no explanation about this matter and at events we are totally confused over the truth. The modern science with all its modern equipments is unable to trap the death. All the efforts so far have totally failed. Death as such still remains a mysterious issue.

The fact is that we have come on this earth with the particular mission for the destined time. Our birth is in simple terms the fruit of our destiny. We are given birth at the particular place at particular time to the particular parents with the particular circumstances with the particular fixed time as per our deeds of our Karma of our past life. It is the theory of Karma of Destiny, which has decided our BIRTH as such. We are given the birth at the particular place to fulfil the audited account of our Karma. We are sent on the earth either to utilize the balance or to pay the debt of our past deeds.

We are never independent in the choice of birth. We can never get the choice of parents, place and circumstances of our birth. It is the destiny, which would decide the factor as per our records in Theory of Karma. If in reality, birth were the choice of the human being, then surely each and every human would prefer good circumstances. No one ever would wish to be born in poor circumstances and conditions. And no one would ever wish to die when enjoying the atmosphere or when he or she is on the top of the world. OR he or she would just go for death under the difficult circumstances. He or she at the very old stage or when crushed in the fatal accident stays in the bed helpless for years praying Almighty God to give him or her the death. But it is not only difficult but impossible. The death of a particular person will come at the time of his or her destined death that a man is unable to know.

Some of the lives are born to die immediately or within few months or years after birth. Some die at the very young age and some die at the old age. Some die of sickness, some die of the fatal accident, some die in the wars and riots. Some die in the natural disasters and others dying suddenly of heart attacks. Death comes at a time and the circumstances as per destined. There is no change or delay of even a minute in the time and place of death. It is nobody’s choice.

When we come on this earth through the womb of a mother as an infant, we are deprived of our memory of our past life. We might stay with some of our talents or habits but hardly with any memory of the past. If we come with our memory of the past life with us in this life, it would be very difficult for us to live a normal life. A servant in our house might have been our parent in the previous life and a brother of this life could have been our enemy number one in the previous life. Our wife of the present life could have been our mother or the sister in the last life. Perhaps we were the primitives in the previous life or even the beggars of the street and this life we might be very civilized and well to do persons.

There are some people who talk of their past lives. A person born in India this life talks of his previous life in America. A person born in Europe very clearly talks of his previous birth in India. A person born in Australia as a wealthy person remembers his past as the poor African farmer. And all these talks have been proved true by taking the person to the place of his past birth where he or she very well recognizes the places and even the relatives of the past. What is said is at most events approved by the elders of that particular place. The modern science may differ on the issue but it is fact as much as the sun rises in the east.

Death in all circumstances is the promotion of the soul and by every birth the soul gets the better body and better circumstances and prospects. Every life entering the kingdom of death goes in the further promoted prospectus.

Death is not the end of the life within and the birth is not the beginning. It is a cycle of the life and every life, which is born, is supposed to die. At the same time any life which is dead is supposed to be born again. The cycle of birth and death will continue until the soul reaches the final stage of Salvation, that is still a mystery to the mankind.                                      ..                           ———————————————


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