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God does not always mean a superman. God is never defined, as an extra-ordinary person who creates miracles as and where required. If those were the definitions of Almighty God then there would be thousands and millions of Gods to the record of the Indian Religious History. [Out of record and not recognized are several many of such granted by a group of people- GOD persons in India who are taken as GOD merely because of their creating a certain miracle.]

Most of the deities of the other world when they enter on earth and perform their routine duties, their renderances are like miracles to us. They are never worshipped as GODS.

Deva Hanumanji could enlarge Himself to the huge size of His requirement. He could as well fly in the sky to His speed. He could not be defeated by any devil. He could be visible and invincible as and when required. He could enlarge his tail to the length of his choice. But still we never worship Him as God. He has stayed as the respectable recognized DEITY [DEVA] in the Hindu Scriptures.

There were adepts as per Holy Scriptures who had control over three worlds and mostly all Deities. They could travel the world of their choice without any vehicle. They could destroy the environment to their temper. But they are never reckoned as Gods.

There were Nand SAINTS of Lord Swaminarayan, Sachinananad Swami and Gopaland Swami caliber who would make the dead alive. They could very easily walk over the waters and fire without any little harm. They could travel to the other world as per their wishes but still we limit ourselves by praising them as the very powerful prominent saints of Lord Swaminarayan and nothing more.

And there were Demons who could conquer three worlds and control the atmosphere to their needs. There were few Devils who could even defeat the Almighty God to the surprise of human beings. They could create any type of miracles and move the world. Even Devil Ravana of Lanka had conquered and controlled several Devas and was able to move in the sky as per his wish. But none of them have been ever granted the title of GOD. They have remained as devils for ever.

There were even very devoted followers of the Lord who blessed the person to the eternal heights and their blessings worked like those of God. Very many of them were found to be injecting miracles now and then-but they were never recognized as GODS. They could bring rain to their command; they could bless the purely sterile couple with child. No wise person would think to worship them as GOD.

The present science discovery of computers, mobile telephones, high speed planes and rockets and several other items are more than the miracles. But so far the highest type of SCIENTISTS has never been taken as GODS not even as Devas.

There are super magicians who could never be traced of their tricks and they perform the actions to the high level to the stage of not understood by the human beings. They can make a person out of a bird and they can as well divide the person in several parts and join him together in the wink of an eye without ever harming the person concerned. But they could be never being regarded more than the expert Magicians.

There are Hypnotists who could make the person to go back in his previous birth and talk accordingly to the truth. But no hypnotist is ever taken as GOD.

On the other side of the truth Shree Ramchandra, the perfect human being and the King of Ayodhya had never any miracles to His record. He stayed as a perfect Human being from the time of His cradle to the last hours. Still He is worshipped as Lord RAMA. Only unusual venture He did was to carry the very heavy bow Shiv Dhanushya and break it, which was impossible for the other very strong kings. He also gave life to the Shahlya, the cursed Ayahalaya, and the wife of Adept Gautam. But He is not worshipped as GOD because of that.

Buddha was born as the prince and brought up as a prince but he enunciated the world just by knowing the truth of Life and Death. All of His Life as Buddha, He never created any miracles and yet today He is on the prime list of the twenty-four incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

Vyas Muni the very famous writer of Hindu Scripture is taken as one of the recognized Manifestations of Lord Vishnu. He has no other plus point in His life except writing the unique and beautiful Hindu Scriptures. The experts wrote several Hindu Scriptures later on but it is only the writer Vyas Muni who had been recognized as GOD.

Lord Krishna was reckoned as the God not because He carried the huge mountain on his single finger and nor even because He showed His huge image as VIRAT SWAROOP to Arjuna in the battle field of Mahabharat. He was not worshipped as God just because He defeated Devils like KANSA, JARASANDHA etc. He is not also considered as GOD merely because He supplied 999 SARIS to His cousin friend DRAUPADI in time of need. Lastly He is not granted as God just because He narrated Holy GEETA to Arjuna in the battlefield of Mahabharat. But holy shasrats and well known adepts have recognized Him as the Almighty Lord and millions of Hindus worship Him as God.

Lord Swaminarayan was worshipped as the LIVING GOD OF GUJERAT not because He created several miracles starting from His childhood to the end of His final Mission. He was not also accepted as God just because He could convince any one to His wish in His Holy Trance known as Samadhi. He was  taken or granted as GOD not because He could extend the life span of the person on the death bed or just because He could bring rain in the off season and surely not because He could feed thousands stomachs from the food of only fifty persons.

But today after the lapse of some time we find and worship RAMA, KRISHNA AND SEHJANAND SWAMI as Gods and we hear of the denial of the worship of the very powerful Deities, saints and the human beings including great Scientists as Gods. We are even not allowed to worship the person in our life who has relieved us from the mouth of several calamities when we had no hope of survival and the person whose blessings have made us very healthy, rich and powerful.

Muktanand Swami the powerful and most senior Saint of Swaminarayan Faith had very nicely and ably given the definition of God in the debate of learned Pundits when he was challenged to prove Sehjananad Swami as God in the court of Maharaja Gaikwad of Vadodra. All the learned Pundits of the era seconded his opinion after the long debate.

Perhaps it is out of our capacity and knowledge to define somebody as GOD. We follow and agree with the Holy Scriptures written by very learned and Divine persons of the era. We believe what is said and decided by the recognized Holy Hindu SCRIPTURES. Perhaps we have no alternatives. Not all Hindu Scriptures written by separate and expert divine persons could talk of the same thing in the different eras.

We have never reached Moon ourselves but we firmly believe what our expert scientists and Media tell us We take the History of the world written by the famous writers as true although we have nothing of the sort to prove it. We believe the Scientists when they talk of some events and remains of some thousand years ago. We believe in the records of Laboratory as per the renderances of the Technician. We believe in Life before and Life After although no one from our contact has ever come back to say about it. We believe in Heaven and Hell although we have no idea about them except Heaven being good and Hell being bad.

So we have no alternative but to believe the Holy Scriptures and the learned persons what they say about the true God and His Avtars on this world as we believe the history and science as per their record.

Our child could be very good and clever at home as we might take him or her to be granted but he or she would be recognized as the good and clever pupil by her or his class teacher only.




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