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Anger – The Demon of Diseases


A person who always maintains a happy smile on the face rarely confronts illness. A polite natured and peaceful person has the key to total health. On the other side of the coin, a person with a gloomy face invites illness. A short tempered and rough and tough natured person is a storage of ill health.

A person who is provoked occasionally in minor issues and seeks anger is a pit of diseases and a failure in life. Excess of worries, tension, fear, impatience, lustiness and anger are all kin to the same family of illness. An angry atmosphere will never allow peace and happiness to prosper. Surely, love is far from it.

Once a person loses his temper, he becomes angry and he is not in a position to control his mind; he turns into a beast, from a human being. He crosses the border of self-control, discipline and decent behaviour and goes to extremes of vulgarity, and is unaware of the consequences of his uncontrolled anger.

He becomes angry and his face turns pale, eyes red, eyelids widen, armpits tighten, lips trembling, voice becoming harsh, tongue out of control, and feet trembling as if the ground is moving under him. He becomes a quite different person than what he is during good mood. No one, including his best friends or relatives, would entertain him in that particular disposition. Perhaps the only person who would tolerate him or her would be a good hearted life-partner.

His temperature rises and his blood pressure climbs up. There are chances of bleeding from any part of the body if anger rises to a high level for a long period of time. The inner nerves and muscles become stiff and tight, and attack the stomach area. This could encourage indigestion, gas and acidity resulting in vomiting or diarrhoea. The head becomes as heavy as a mountain, and he wants to break somebody’s head to unload his.

Heart rate rises and the heart tightens, increasing the flow of blood, and in no time, if the anger is not controlled, pain in the left side of the chest (heart) is felt. Mostly it is angina and can be controlled by a physician if consulted in time. In some cases, it is a heart attack or heart failure which brings a difficult and urgent exercise for relatives and physician to save the patient. His days on this earth are numbered and he leaves his family helpless and in mourning just because of anger.

When a person loses his temper and becomes the victim of anger, it affects his brain, the central point of all senses, and may cause inner bleeding and even lead to brain haemorrhaging. He may well be paralysed to the extent of not being able to do anything for him.

By doing so, he is numbering the remaining days of his life, being a burden to his kin, especially his life-partner, incurring extra expenses and abandoning his responsibility for his family. Survival becomes very difficult and expensive, and he becomes useless and a burden to his family. He lives the life of purgatory while he is still on this earth.

A person with a hot temper is never a healthy, happy or progressive man. Success eludes him, and although he may be able to make millions out of his temper, he is always poor in health and wealth of love, peace and unity. He cannot maintain good public relations, and would not become a social person or a popular leader. He loses the very sweet and affectionate touch of friendship, which works as a true asset during time of need. It becomes very difficult for such a person to find amicable and workable solutions to his problems, which are there in each and every step of his daily life.

He stays far from living with a peaceful atmosphere as anger creates hatred, generates negative thoughts, and misguides a decision maker’s mind. The mind in the presence of anger is unable to work positively or to its required level. Any decision taken during that time may be mostly wrong.

A person should learn to control anger from all directions. His mind should be anger-proof, and should be trained to cool down under tense circumstances. Otherwise he or she will be struggling with life with several problems at a time.

Anger is the number one enemy of a person, and it is more dangerous and harmful than an enemy with weapons. It is easier to fight an enemy with deadly weapons than to fight our inner enemy “anger” which has taken over control of the mind.

A wise person should in all cases try to avoid circumstances which generate anger. He should distance himself from a provocative atmosphere. Discussions, arguments, talks, conversations, differences and topics that invite or may lead to anger should not be entertained. Losses in terms of money can be recovered; physical damages incurred due to accidents can be treated and healed, but the losses sustained from an attack of anger are very difficult to recover.

The heart is the source of eternal love, and once it is damaged, it is very difficult to repair. Every heartbeat is worth millions and it cannot be restored. Any material loss can be replaced with money but there is no replacement of your heart at any cost. Anger has a direct effect on the heart and it may turn out to be the cause of heart failure.

Anger should be controlled, tamed and caged under all circumstances. When a person is taken over by anger, he should immediately take a step back. He should drink a glass of cool water slowly. He should pick up a newspaper or magazine and try to turn his mind to reading. He should pray immediately for the return of a positive atmosphere. He should go into detail of the cause of the situation, and try to compare the loss done to the loss that will be done by his anger. He should turn on the television and watch a good programme to divert his mind. He should turn his face away from the person who has provoked him. He should close his eyes and think positively.

In all cases, he should try to divert his attention towards another activity and overlook or ignore the situation. If possible, he should start chewing gum, grams or groundnuts. He should start investigating his previous losses or other’s losses incurred due to anger. He should remember the incidences of heart attacks within his circle, and ponder on the dismal circumstances of the affected family left behind. He should think of his many assets, which will not be his, once he is no more. He should try to control his ego, which at times is the cause of anger.

A wise person should write down the disadvantages of anger and the steps to be taken to get rid of it, and pin them on the wall in sight of everyone. As we put fire extinguishers in buildings to get a fire under control immediately, posters showing ways of controlling anger should be hung in every house and office, and public places which is perhaps even as important as a fire extinguisher.

The energy used in creating anger and the power used to maintain it is more than the energy used in our daily life for survival. The same energy used as a power could very well pull or push as much as the weight of a metric ton.

It is said that we use very few nerves to put a smile on our face but we engage several nerves to feed anger.

Obviously, anger is loathsome and very harmful in the daily life of a good person. JUST KEEP AWAY FROM IT FOR GOOD.



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