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Snoring is a disturbance media. It is at the same time a sign of a sweet and sound sleep for the person concerned.

Snoring surely disturbs the person sleeping near by. For married couple it is disturbing. One partner who does not snore accuses the other for the disturbance. In the long run if one of the affected partners is not soundly used with the snoring disturbance there will be a relation crack between the two. The disturbed partner would sleep at a distance from the snoring one and it would surely affect the sexual life. Thus the highly maintained thought power of the married life or the view of respect towards the other is diminished by an excess of snoring.

All those snoring persons who take snoring as a sign of night’s good sleep are wrong. It may be good for the particular person but it is a more none-sense disturbance for the other.

Apart from that an excess of snoring is said to be harmful for health. The specialist medical expects have said SNORING as a serious medical audition which needs treatment. It is just because of the defect in nostrils or throat but if ignored or over looked in the long run it may cause High Blood Pressure, some heart problems and surprisingly diabetes which is affiliated with pancreas. In that case snoring also affects pancreas. Also the further research by the doctors concerned blames snoring as a cause of serious sleep apnoea.

Snoring not only affects the grown ups but even the children snore. But there is a lot of difference between the causes of snoring in adults and that of young ones. But for the children it is not of much worried issue as it can be managed by age.

Snoring in young ones is mainly due to tonsillitis or obesity. As the tonsillitis, as such blocks the airway behind the tongue, obesity due to swelling also blocks the airway.

Children when found facing difficulty in breathing while sleeping, have never sound sleep but they have disturbed sleep.

Obesity affects both children and adults, outlines the medical experts of AIIMS. Due to an excess of fat around the neck of the person concerned, the muscles narrow down. And it happens to infection. Consequently the airway is obstructed and it creates snoring.

Oxygen, before reaching the lungs for purifications, through the airway, it vibrates the soft tissues around and a loud sound is produced by the organs which we reckon as snoring.

The disturbance of air changed is in the nostrils or behind the tongue. There is some treatment for the nostril disturbance in the case; it can be treated with a special nasal strip which acts properly to open up the nasal blockages. The type of nasal strip is easily available in the market in U.K.

But if the snoring is due to the disturbance in the throat, then one should contact a specialist. ENT will be the right physician for the cause otherwise the obstruction in the throat could lead to not good medical ailments. Those who don’t consider the matter seriously are asking for problems.

Any person who snores in excess should never over-look or ignore the situation. By doing so he or she is inviting some serious problem in breathing system. They should contact ENT earlier the better and have the essential treatment instead of waiting for some hazardous ailment in future.

Carelessness in the treatment of SNORING can lead one to the threshold of some heart problems, diabetes and high blood pressure-none of them are good for health. It is advisable for the parents to take their children who are used to snoring, to the specialist who will diagnose the cause and give proper treatment.

In general more men than women suffer from snoring and snoring is found more after the age of 40. It surely affects the married life apart from other mentioned disturbances.

Under the circumstances if any person with snoring is affected with sleep Aopnia it can be a serious condition. It is the total stoppage breathing while sleeping and it results in fragmented sleep patterns. If it lasts longer then 10-15 second, it is not good at all as the affected person would have day time sleeping without his knowledge. The health department of the government should alert all those who snore by installing warning and notices in the public places reading.








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