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The King of Rajastan in India was very fond of FOUR digits because he was born at FOUR in the morning of the FORTH DATE of the FORTH month of the FORTH year of the twentieth centaury. [4a.m. 4-4-04]

He ate FOUR times a day with FOUR types of items. He had FOUR queens and owned FOUR palaces, one for each. He had FOUR children from his each queen. He employed FOUR servants in each palace.

In his each palace he had FOUR rooms, FOUR tables, and even FOUR entrance doors. He used FOUR different types of colors to paint his palace. His flag also had FOUR colors. He wore the wardrobe with FOUR colors.

He divided his kingdom in FOUR divisions. He had FOUR groups of armies, each with FOUR hundred soldiers. He nominated FOUR governors, FOUR generals and FOUR spies in his army. He fought FOUR battles.

Surprisingly, he died at FOUR O’clock on the FORTH day of the week in the FORTH month of the year in the presence of FOUR doctors and FOUR QUEENS and FOUR sons. He was cremated at FOUR in the evening in the presence of FOUR thousand citizens.




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