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Vanita, a professional freelance journalist aged twenty-two, wanted to marry a Women’s magazine editor Sunil, aged fifty. The age difference of twenty-eight years was no problem to her; she did not care about his age as she longed for an older man to be her husband. She had also written an article in a newspaper about the reasons for young girls wanting old aged husbands. She very much longed for it without ever going in any future problems by doing so.

The marriage took place in the presence of nearly one thousand people where majority of the people were surprised to see, according to them, an unmatched couple. Vinita’s selection of a life partner was the talk of the mass.

Vinita’s husband was even older than her father. But she preferred this ageing man with whom she had worked. She loved him with all her heart and loved him wholly, not just one particular feature about him. He was very masculine – a genuine he-man – a loving natured person- a person with the friendly atmosphere and she firmly believed that he would make a good husband without any doubt… She believed that an older man, if healthy, was quite capable of satisfying any woman sexually, whereas a woman, after the menopause, is not so satisfying to her man in bed. So her choice was well balanced… her husband of fifty was very experienced with women and, with his experience, he could fully satisfy any young woman sexually until the age of eighty. Thirty years of happy married life were more than enough for her to be a happy wife.

Vanita enjoyed each and every moment of sex with her ageing hubby, whom she found to be much more responsible than any young person. Marriages between couples of similar ages are not as successful as those between people of different ages, she believed. She was perfectly right as the ancient philosophers have said that to have an age difference between a husband and wife is to enjoy the real charm of married life.

The majority of civilized and educated women have preferred husbands much older than themselves, and most of those who have done so have been happier for much longer.

Twenty-five-year-old Jane was married to forty-four-year-old John. After ten years of marriage when she was thirty-five, she confessed to a very relaxed and happy life with fifty-four-year-old John. Their children were found to be more intellectual and healthier than others. She goes further and agrees that their love is not based on sex only. John loves Jane more than a standard wife. He does not see Jane as a sexual tool or a life partner to give him children and look after his home. He believes they both have a pure spiritual link which will endure forever, through thin and thick.

Saira Banu, former beauty queen and very popular star of the Indian big screen, fell in love with Dilip Kumar, the famous Indian star who was nearly twenty-two years her senior. Saira was hardly twenty when she came in loving contact with Dilip Kumar who was on the top of Hollywood Kingdom. Even today, after forty years of marriage, they have stayed together as a happy couple with no regrets on either side.

Kalpana Lajmi, Bollywood film producer, was married to the fifty-two year-old ailing singer, Bhupen Hazarika, when she was twenty-four. Their marriage has been a long and happy one, to the envy of many.

The famous Priti Das was married at the age of twenty-six to a Parsee man of forty-four. Theirs was also a pure love affair… known as spiritual love… and even after twenty-five years of marriage they were still as bonded and committed to each other as before. Age to them was meaningless.

Older men are economically more viable and provide financial security. However, marriages such as those do not always work… There are all chances of break up in the short period. If the marriage was done merely for money or sex-surely that would not last long. Such marriages if done for only selfish motives would surely not last long otherwise such couple married with the good understandings are found happier than their counterparts of the normal age difference.

With older men, young women find security for themselves in the form of care, affection and responsibility. Most older men have their own property and life insurance, so their young wives have no worries about their futures as widows.

Jacqueline Kennedy, the widow of President J. F. Kennedy at the age of forty-four, married a very old Greek tycoon.  Aristotle Onassis was nearly eighty-two years of age. Jackie did not marry the ancient Greek for sexual love, or for his vast wealth. She already had sufficient, but decided that their marriage would provide added security for her family. They stayed together happily as husband and wife without any regret…

There are some young women who are very fond of the luxuries of life and they marry old, wealthy men just so that they can enjoy life to the full. Then there are those who need a sexually experienced man to satisfy their desires. Older men are definitely very experienced and much more skilled when making love.

Some women go for an older man because they want fatherly love and affection, and someone to take care of them. And then there are those who believe that taking on an old man as a husband will allow them the upper hand in the marriage by taking control in the bedroom with their fresh and uninhibited sexual techniques. Old men who are fond of sex with young women will be such adoring and obedient husbands to these young girls.

There are some young women who find it convenient to live with older men as they learn a lot from their wisdom and experience. They provide guidance and give them good advice.

So women who marry older men do so for varying reasons… but most of these young ladies find themselves safe and secure in the old hands. Senior men as husbands of junior women make loving husbands at most of the events.




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